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Interview with Sarah Black, May 13, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:15 - The experience of being a new music teacher

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Partial Transcript: First of all I'd like to start off by asking you: when and why did you become a music teacher?

Segment Synopsis: Black recalls her journey to teaching music. She describes the overwhelming early days on the job and how she would do things differently.

Keywords: North Gwinnett Middle School; middle school; middle schoolers; orchestra

00:04:35 - Education for music teachers / Longevity in the career

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Partial Transcript: What can you say about the quality of your teacher training?

Segment Synopsis: Black describes the what was helpful and what was lacking in her music education. She details the aspects of teaching that have kept her coming back as well as the reasons why other teachers leave.

Keywords: Bachelor of Music in Music Education; burnout; music education; orchesta class; pedagogy

00:10:07 - Challenges and benefits of teaching music

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Partial Transcript: More specifically, what have been some of the more challenging moments of your career?

Segment Synopsis: Black talks about the challenges she’s faced throughout her career. She discusses the importance of embracing the students’ humor and describes her high expectations/high energy teaching style.

Keywords: Team teaching; co-teaching; middle school; middle schoolers

00:13:30 - Learning from teachers and students

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about the best teacher you’ve ever had, music or otherwise

Segment Synopsis: Black discusses what she learned from her best professor and how she applies it on the job. She describes the variety of ways she motivates her students and talks about being inspired by the those who make substantial improvement through hard work.

Keywords: Music theory; middle school; middle schoolers; motivating students; teaching middle school