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Interview with Miriam Hernandez, May 4, 2016

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:59 - Carnitas for Cinco de Mayo

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Partial Transcript: It's a huge pot to make "carnitas" outside in the fire for tomorrow that's going to be Cinco de Mayo. We make carnitas for tacos at the restaurant tomorrow.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez explains the special way that carnitas are prepared at Tlaloc, the restaurant where she works.

Keywords: CInco de Mayo; carnitas; fire; food; outdoors; pit; recipe; stove; wood

00:03:15 - Being a young mother

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Partial Transcript: I thought it was going to be a lot harder than what it has been, but thanks to everybody that has supported me and helped me in babysitting.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez thinks being a young, single mother hasn't been as hard as she expected, since she has been supported by family and friends. She discusses balancing her pregnancy with school, saying that being pregnant and going to school wasn't the problem, but rather that she was missing a credit for graduation. She talks about the challenge of trying to study for the GED while taking care of her daughter at the same time.

Keywords: Cedar Shoals High School; GED; babysitting; breastfeeding; daughter; diapers; early head start; elective; graduation; high school diploma; low income; missing credit; pregnant; single parents; support; test; vocabulary; walking; young mother

00:09:25 - Working from early age

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Partial Transcript: Ok, I started working when I was 15, but that was because I wanted to save extra money for Quinceañera.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez remembers how she first started working to save money for her Quinceañera. She talks about continuing to work after her step-father was deported in order to support her mother and siblings, and her decision to try to graduate early so she starting working full-time.

Keywords: Mexico; birth date; cake; chambelanes; cleaning; dad; damas; dance; deported; dream; early release; hispanic community; income; job; limo; mom; money; quinceañera; savings; school; siblings; stepfather; translator; work; working

00:15:22 - Getting her first driver's license

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Partial Transcript: Until my uncle, he saw that I was responsible and he paid for me to get my driver's license, because I was driving on my permit.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez talks about needing to drive to go from job to job, and her mom's concern about her driving without a license. She recalls her uncle's help in getting her driver's license and working for him doing deliveries for the restaurant. She mentions how her dad bought her a truck.

Keywords: Atonio Ramirez; Tlaloc; car; certificate; defensive driving; driver's license; responsible; restaurant; uncle

00:20:17 - Deportation issues

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Partial Transcript: He got a letter saying that he needed to be, he was going to be deported or take the voluntary departure.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez discusses her stepfather's decision to accept voluntary departure. Hernandez talks about the difficult process on their end of filing paperwork for his return, but how after a few issues with immigration,he was able to return to the US.

Keywords: US embassy; deported; fugitive; immigrant; legal permission; legal process; voluntary departure

00:25:51 - Adopting a child

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Partial Transcript: My mom has friends everywhere and this one particular lady, she wasn't in the best path in life and she had her nephew with her.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez talks about how she started taking care of a two-month old baby, and how her family ended up adopting the child, who they named Christian.

Keywords: Courthouse; adoption; babies; child; guardianship; mother; pregnant

00:31:59 - Finding out she was pregnant

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Partial Transcript: She took me to the pharmacy and got me a pregnancy test. And she called the baby's dad and told him get over there.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez talks about how her mother suspected she was pregnant before she even knew herself. She discusses how she and her boyfriend were happy at the news, but that she refused familial pressure to get married.

Keywords: Christianity; baby; boyfriend; marriage; pregnancy test; prenatal vitamins; rebellious; religion; religious belief; wedlock

00:36:50 - Life as a telenovela

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Partial Transcript: How would you describe your life? - I think I would describe it like an old lady or as a telenovela.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez characterizes her life as a telenovela due to the dramatic sequence of events that have happened in her life.

Keywords: TV; anger; couple; daughter; ex-girlfriend; life; poor; pregnant; telenovela

00:39:17 - Philosophy of life

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Partial Transcript: It's a waste of time thinking of things you should have done or could have done and didn't do.

Segment Synopsis: Hernandez talks about choosing to have a positive attitude about life, and says that a positive attitude is essential for providing good service to the clients at the restaurant.

Keywords: anger; attitude; energy; happy, laugh; life philosophy; outlook; people; perserverance; positivity; waste of time