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Interview with Luis Narimatsu, December 14, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:40 - Diagnosed with Glaucoma

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Partial Transcript: I was born, actually I was born overseas...

Segment Synopsis: Narimatsu talks about his childhood and young adulthood growing up in the Panama Canal Zone, since his father was in the military. Narimatsu explains,as an adult, he began suffering from headaches during the day and night, a common symptom of glaucoma. Narimatsu explains that he was eventually diagnosed with glaucoma, a condition that leads to excessive pressure in his eyes, and a result, eventual blindness. Narimatsu explains that after his diagnosis, he lost many of his friends and his job as a DJ. Narimatsu explains that he dropped out of college momentarily due to to his diagnosis. He reflects on how the self-denial of his condition as a young adult resulted in isolation and depression.

Keywords: Boscon Palmer Eye Institute; Panama Canal; glaucoma

00:06:48 - Blindness rehabilitation services / using technology

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Partial Transcript: And then one day...

Segment Synopsis: Narimatsu explains how his faith helped him overcome his initial depression after his diagnosis. He recalls meeting his wife, who helped him to receive rehabilitation services for his sight loss. Narimatsu highlights the importance of the rehabilitation services, including learning how to use a cane and gaining independence as a result. He explains his siblings' help in introducing him to contacts who helped him get a computer specifically made for the visually-impaired. Narimatsu recalls that he eventually applied to the military again and was hired as a telephone operator.

Keywords: Panama Canal Company; United States Embassy; blindness; computer

00:13:48 - Teaching computer basics to the blind

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Partial Transcript: I worked there six years until the they closed down...

Segment Synopsis: Narimitsu recalls working for six years as a telephone operator for the 94th Signal Company as a telephone operator, until the Panama Canal was shut down. Narimitsu talks about his move to Georgia in 1999 with the hopes of working at the Warner Robins Air Force base . He recalls that in Georgia he had difficulty finding a job, though he eventually found a job in Bainbridge, Georgia teaching people with sight disabilities how to use computers.

Keywords: 94th Signal Company; Bainbridge, Georgia; Department of Defense; Job Access with Speech (JAWS); National Industries for the Blind; Panama Canal; Ted Henter; Warner Robins

00:20:03 - Georgia Industries for the Blind / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: So, I did the learning center...

Segment Synopsis: Narimatsu talks about how his work enables him to help other visually-impaired people in finding jobs, which he says is the most rewarding part of his job. He shares how Ted Henter, the creator of the Job Access With Speech (JAWS) screen reader program, helped him to get the career he has now as the Services Director of Georgia Industries for the Blind. Narimatsu ends the interview by sharing his belief that blindness should be used as an asset rather than seen as a weakness.

Keywords: Georgia Industries for the Blind; National Industries for the Blind; National Industries of the Blind Milton Samuelson Career Achievement Award; Ted Henter