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Interview with Candace Rogers, December 04, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:29 - Multiple sclerosis

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Partial Transcript: My story is what's brought me to this situation approximately fourteen years ago. I knew something was wrong with my body.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes having problems with her body and seeing multiple doctors before she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that affects the nervous system. She talks about the dismissive nature of many of her doctors and her phobia of needles.

Keywords: Atlanta, Georgia; Augusta, Georgia; BellSouth; hospitals; injections; spinal fluid

00:06:32 - Receiving disability benefits

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Partial Transcript: I was looking, feeling normal then, and she asked me if I was on disability.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes her fight to receive Social Security disability benefits. She talks about hiring a lawyer after her initial claim was rejected. She discusses winning the case in two months and collecting disability benefits.

Keywords: back pay; disability attorney; lawsuit; pride

00:09:52 - Finding a house

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Partial Transcript: So--and with me getting disability, you know, that was like another label over me. And I thought about getting another apartment.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes her search for a house after renting apartments for years. She talks about how she eventually found a house she liked and bought it.

Keywords: 1993; God; church; disability benefits; homeowner; mortgage; realtor; religion; son

00:15:15 - Mobility problems and loss of vision

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Partial Transcript: But during these twelve, thirteen years, my M.S. progressed.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes her worsening multiple sclerosis symptoms, mentioning problems with her mobility and vision. She talks about how having to use a walker and to stop driving.

Keywords: God; Richmond County, Georgia; bus; car; pride; religion; visually impaired

00:18:28 - Remaining optimistic

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Partial Transcript: And so a lot with this illness is pride. Having to get over, having to let go of pride.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes having sympathy for other people whose MS is worse than hers. She talks about how her uncle encouraged her to remain grateful and optimistic. She mentions forming a group called called the M.S. Brothers and Sisters of the CSRA which supports people with MS.

Keywords: God; Multiple sclerosis (MS); Religion; driving; pride

00:23:05 - Benefits of disability

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Partial Transcript: But I try my best to do whatever I can for people going through. And when I find out something, I don't keep it a secret like a lot of people do.

Segment Synopsis: Rogers describes the importance of sharing information about benefits for people with disabilities. She talks about all the services she is able to receive for free, and she provides an anecdote about how she mistakenly thought the free ticket policy at the movie theater under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was for her and not her caregiver.

Keywords: heating and air unit; legally blind; ramp; roof; scooter; shower rails; social security