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Interview with Jarrett McNutt, October 29, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:25 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: Well, it is a pleasure to be here. My great-grandfather, George Hanover McNutt moved to Tishomingo County, Mississippi, in 1847.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt describes his family history, beginning with his great-grandfather who moved to Tishomingo County, Mississippi, in 1847. He briefly talks about the lives of his grandfather, father, mother, and siblings.

Keywords: Billy McNutt; Civil War; Confederate troops; Ershell McNutt; George Hanover McNutt; Grand Ole Opry; MacArthur's army; Maud McNutt; Milford McNutt; Mississippi State University; Nashville, Tennessee; Noel McNutt; Patton's army; Paul McNutt; Reynolds Aluminum; Thomas Nebraska McNutt; Vera McNutt; Wernher Von Braun; World War II (WWII); chemist; education; farming; moon dust; moon rocks; the Battle of Shiloh

00:05:03 - Early life / Working on family farm

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Partial Transcript: My father died, and I was born in December, and we lost the farm that we were on.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt describes how before he was born, his family lost their farm because his father died. He talks about working with his siblings on multiple farms where he picked cotton and managing the family's farm as a twelve-year-old alongside his fifteen-year-old brother.

Keywords: Christine McNutt; Columbus, Mississippi; Erschell McNutt; Mississippi University for Women (MSCW); Orville McNutt; Sherben McNutt; Tishomingo; doctor; education; mules; sawmill; scholarship

00:08:38 - University and seminary education

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Partial Transcript: And then I did all right in elementary school. I was valedictorian in my eight grade class.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt recalls being valedictorian in eight grade but then barely attending high school. He mentions joining the army and serving oversees in World War II. He talks about deciding to become a minister and to attend Mississippi College, and later, seminary. He briefly describes working as a minister in different hospitals.

Keywords: Augusta, Georgia; Camp Gordon; Louisville, Kentucky; Missouri; Pineville, Louisiana; WW2; WWII; Winston-Salem Hospital; World War 2; elementary school; infantry; minister

00:10:57 - Clinical Pastoral Care Organization

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Partial Transcript: I am a certified supervisor in the Clinical Pastoral Care Organization. This organization is designed to educate ministers so that they can be more effective in their churches.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt describes his work as a certified supervisor in the Clinical Pastoral Care Organization where he helps young ministers of all Christian denominations learn how to apply theological teaching and become more effective preachers.

Keywords: Bible; Southern Baptist; gospel; internship; theological education

00:14:11 - Staring a family

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Partial Transcript: While in graduate school in Louisville, Kentucky, one of my friends was bragging about a pretty little nurse that he had discovered.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt describes marrying his wife, moving to Louisiana, and having two baby girls. He talks about his wife being diagnosed with tuberculosis which prompted him to hire a woman to run the household and care for the children. He talks about his wife's recovery and their baby boy.

Keywords: babysitter; childcare; hospitalization; marriage; physician

00:18:25 - Growing old / Legally blind

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Partial Transcript: And he's now and engineer in Kentucky, and his company had built a factory in China.

Segment Synopsis: McNutt describes his children's careers and their families, talking about his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He talks about being 92 and discusses his health difficulties, including being legally blind, having a lung deficiency, and requiring use of a walking stick or wheelchair. He thanks the Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS) for their Talking Books program and the Veterans Administration for his medical care.

Keywords: Association of Churches in Mobile; Women's Missionary Union (WMU); engineer; family; handicap; nurse; teacher