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Interview with Nicholas Sesing, September 22, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:32 - Early Life

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Partial Transcript: Nick I'm...

Segment Synopsis: Nicholas Sesing was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He describes his childhood as being outdoors and family-oriented. He shares that many of his family members, including his younger brother, served in the military, which inspired him to do so as well.

Keywords: Education; Midwest

00:03:53 - Choosing the Marine Corps

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Partial Transcript: You go to...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing explains how his college years influenced his decision to join the military. He describes changing his major from Engineering to Chemistry, which helped him choose the Marine Corps over the other branches.

Keywords: Active Duty; Commission; Undergraduate

00:12:44 - Joining the Marine Corps

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Partial Transcript: You graduate from college...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing explains the route he took toward becoming an Officer in the Marine Corps. He discusses attending Officer Candidate School (both the Junior and Senior Sessions) during his summers in college and attending The Basic School and MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) School after graduation.

Keywords: Officer Selection Officer (OSO); Quantico, Virginia; Second Lieutenant

00:18:01 - Cheating Incident at OCS

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Partial Transcript: It made the...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing shares a memorable story from OCS (Officer Candidate School) in which members of his company were caught cheating during a nighttime land navigation training session. He explains that many candidates were removed from their positions as a result of the incident.

Keywords: Ammo Cans; Candidates; Honesty; Officers; Sergeants; The Marine Corps Times

00:27:29 - Best and Worst of Training

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Partial Transcript: When I...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing discusses the highs and lows of training, which included enduring strenuous weather circumstances and making lifelong friends.

Keywords: Brotherhood; Camaraderie; Endurance Course; Pride; Teamwork

00:33:45 - Finishing College and Starting TBS

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Partial Transcript: You finish...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing recalls graduating from college and working odd jobs until he was officially commissioned and sent to The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico, Virginia. He describes TBS as being much less stressful than OCS even though he was tasked with learning a wide range of skills.

Keywords: Aircraft; Battalion; Company; Education; Friendship; Humility; Junior Officer; Mustangs; Provisional Rifle Platoon Leadership; Second Lieutenant; Ship Life; Success; Training

00:43:44 - OJT Training and MOS School

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Partial Transcript: When do you...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing talks about his OTJ (On-the-Job) Training with Headquarters Battalion at Camp Pendleton where he worked in the S-4 (Logistics) Shop and shadowed a Senior First Lieutenant. He recalls then going to MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) School and taking the Logistics Officer Course at Camp Lejeune.

Keywords: 1st Marine Division; Ammunition; Armory; California; Education; Embarkation; Engineering; Leadership; Maintenance Management; Motor Transport Platoon; North Carolina

00:49:29 - Training for Deployment

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Partial Transcript: Back to Pendleton...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing describes his time training as a Platoon Commander in Truck Company where he shadowed convoy operations and Staff Sergeants. He later explains being promoted to First Lieutenant but feeling demoralized because his platoon was never deployed together.

Keywords: 2nd Platoon Truck Company; Headquarters Battalion; Individual Skills; Leadership Styles; Maintenance Platoons; Motor Transport Platoons; Operating Platoons; Section Leader; Senior Enlisted; Steel Knight; Team Skills; Twentynine Palms, California

01:01:50 - Deploying to Australia

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Partial Transcript: So, when this...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing describes being transferred to an Infantry Unit that was getting ready to deploy as part of Marine Rotational Force - Darwin (MRF-D). He states that he was assigned as an Assistant Logistics Officer (S-4 Alpha) and was sent to Darwin, Australia as part of this exercise deployment.

Subjects: 1st Battalion 1st Marines; Training; Victor Unit

01:08:33 - Best and Worst of Deployment

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Partial Transcript: The Logistics Officer...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing discusses some of the lows of his deployment, which included intense levels of stress causing shingles. He also shares that he experienced much frustration working with U.S. citizens, but found it very easy to work alongside the Australian military.

Keywords: Communication; Darwin, Australia; Liaisons; Logistics; Multi-national Exercises; Robertson Barracks

01:16:10 - Deciding to Leave the Marine Corps

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Partial Transcript: I came back to...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing recalls returning to Camp Pendleton and reflecting on the poor leadership he was surrounded with while deployed in Australia. He discusses the offer he was presented with from a Naval post-graduate school, but ultimately declined the position and decided to conclude his time with the military.

Keywords: Career; Defense Systems Analysis; Headquarters Battalion; Jaded; Monterrey, California; Recognition

01:25:53 - Last Moments in the Marine Corps

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Partial Transcript: So, how was...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing speaks about his last year and a half in the Marine Corps and the multitude of positions and responsibilities he took on. He also shares one of his proudest moments during his time in the military, which was receiving the 2017 Marine Corps Ground Safety Officer of the Year Award.

Keywords: Access Control Officer; Accountability; Administration; Anti-terrorism Officer; Area Guard Officer; Calibrations; Executive Officer (XO); Headquarters Company; Logistics; Maintenance Management Officer (MMO); Modifications; Preventive Maintenance; Safety and Environmental Officer; Steel Knight; Twentynine Palms

01:38:59 - Joining the Reserves

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Partial Transcript: Still a Reservist...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing discusses his decision to join a Reserve Unit shortly after ending active duty. He recalls drilling with the 4th Light Armored Reserve (LRA) Battalion in Camp Pendleton while living in Georgia, which meant he had to travel a lot during this time.

01:42:16 - Preparing for Graduate School

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Partial Transcript: How do you...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing describes taking time off to study for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) with hopes of attending graduate school. He discusses his disappointment when he found out he was not accepted into any of the programs he applied to, but recalls taking the next year to study, participate in NATO exercise Trident Juncture in Norway, and work various jobs.

Keywords: Air Quality; Environmental Security Department; Industrial Hygienist; Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion; Navy Hospital Camp Pendleton; Physical Scientist

01:47:02 - Graduate School

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Partial Transcript: I did get accepted...

Segment Synopsis: Sesing shares that he was accepted into many graduate schools on his second attempt and decided to attend UGA's Chemistry Program. He discusses his future aspirations of working in energy storage and finding more efficient energy solutions for the Marine Corps to employ.

Keywords: Batteries; Capacitors; GI Bill; Master's Degree; PhD; Photovoltaic Fields