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Interview with Travis Parker George, September 19, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:48 - Upbringing

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Partial Transcript: So, uh...

Segment Synopsis: Parker George, a Georgia native, grew up playing football and running track. He credits a childhood trip to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as sparking his interest in the military and notes a few key moments that led him to the Army.

Keywords: Airborne Ranger; Airforce; Carrollton; Deputy; Firearms; Jailer; Pararescueman; Temple; Training; University of West Georgia (UWG)

00:08:29 - Basic Training

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Partial Transcript: I get to...

Segment Synopsis: George speaks about his positive experiences at Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He discusses passing the RAC (Ranger Assessment Course) and becoming an Infantryman at Fort Benning.

Keywords: 11 Bravo; Georgia; MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station)

00:11:32 - Training in Colorado

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Partial Transcript: Get to...

Segment Synopsis: George explains being sent to Fort Carson in Colorado and being assigned to 1st Battalion 38th Infantry. He recalls being told by leadership that his scores needed to improve in multiple areas, so he trained heavily, became physically fit, and set Army running records.

Keywords: 1st Brigade Stryker Unit; 4th Infantry Division; Sergeants

00:19:05 - Scout Platoon

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Partial Transcript: I didn't stay...

Segment Synopsis: George explains trying out for and receiving a spot on a selection-based Scout Platoon. He discusses what it was like being part of the Reconnaissance team known as Ghost Platoon.

Keywords: 1st Infantry; 38 Battalion; ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery); Equipment; Medical Training; Sniper; Squad; Staff Sergeant; Stryker Brigade; Surveillance; Team 1; Technology

00:27:08 - Reconnaissance

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Partial Transcript: Um, everybody...

Segment Synopsis: George explains the process of training for reconnaissance missions, which included navigating small teams with maps and compasses, gathering intelligence, and reporting back to display enemy territory through sand tables and terrain arrangements. He also discusses becoming an RTO (Radio Telephone Operator).

Keywords: Fort Carson; Ghillie Suits; S-2 Shop; Snipers; Terrain Models

00:32:19 - Friendships and Marriage

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Partial Transcript: You're at...

Segment Synopsis: George discusses finishing his enlistment at Fort Carson where he was never deployed. He describes the life-long friendships that he made in the Army and shares the story of meeting his wife.

Keywords: Apache Helicopters; Christianity; Comradery; Death Valley, California; National Training Center

00:46:23 - Leisure Time in the Military

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Partial Transcript: So, being a...

Segment Synopsis: George emphasizes his love for the outdoors and appreciation for the Rocky Mountains. He discusses the treacherous hike he completed at Pikes Peak with one of his best friends from the Army.

Keywords: Colorado; Concerts; Fort Carson; Georgia; Red Rock Amphitheater; Rocky Mountains

00:52:07 - Leaving the Military

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Partial Transcript: How does it end?

Segment Synopsis: George explains the tough decision he made to leave the military and go back to college. He discusses some of the initial challenges he faced while transitioning from military to civilian life.

Keywords: Army Accommodation Medals; Challenge Coins; Dean's List; GI Bill; School; University of West Georgia (UWG); Work

00:59:16 - Transferring to UGA

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Partial Transcript: While you're at...

Segment Synopsis: George describes his reasoning behind studying Sociology and pursuing a career in federal law enforcement. He speaks about his belief in "community policing" as opposed to "para-military policing" and discusses his decision to transfer to UGA and become part of the UGA Police Department.

Keywords: COVID-19; Georgia Post Police Officer Standards Training Academy; University of Georgia (UGA); University of West Georgia (UWG)

01:09:26 - Life as a Veteran at UGA

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Partial Transcript: Um, for me...

Segment Synopsis: George thanks the UGA Student Veterans Resource Center for helping him with a smooth transition from UWG to UGA. He discusses potential career paths after he graduates from the University of Georgia.

Keywords: Connections; Doctorate Degree; Master's Degree; Mentorships; Networking; Newsletters; Oral History; Resume Building; Scholarships; School; Sociology; U.S. Marshall Service

01:13:34 - Final Thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Was joining the...

Segment Synopsis: George states that joining the Army was the right decision because he made the decision by himself. He discusses the highs, lows, opportunities, and experiences given to him by the Army.

Keywords: Colorado; Honorable Discharge; Infantryman; UGA Police Department; University of Georgia (UGA)