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Interview with Jeremy Reynolds, October 24, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:09 - First time at UGA/ Joining the Marine Corps

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Partial Transcript: Um, just go ahead and introduce yourself...

Segment Synopsis: Jeremy Reynolds, from Jonesboro, Ga, served in the United States Marine Corps from October 2012 to October 2016. He discusses making the decision to join after performing poorly at the University of Georgia while attempting a double major in sociology and criminal justice. Reynolds believes the transition from civilian life to the Marine Corps was very different and easier for him than for most due to the age difference and his conscious need for a change.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Jacksonville, NC; Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune; UGA; USMC

00:03:02 - Parris Island

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Partial Transcript: So, what was Parris Island like?

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds was at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island for twelve weeks, and completed the Crucible in winter. He discusses the Crucible being one of the two things which made him realize how much his mind and body could endure. The other event that played a part in his realization was his Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training, which he completed on a Naval Base in Maine after joining Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

Keywords: Beaufort County, SC; MARSOC; MCRD Parris Island; SERE training

00:05:59 - Joining MARSOC

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Partial Transcript: So, uh, that's cool. So now I know...

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds explains that he enlisted as a Marine Corps electrician, and went to schooling for his Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) after completing boot camp and combat training. Upon completion of his formal training, Reynolds was assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He was medically separated just near the end of his four year enlistment due to deterioration of the cartilage in his knees. After leaving in October of 2016, Reynolds returned to Athens in January of 2017.

Keywords: Athens, GA; MCRD Paris Island; Marine Combat Training (MCT); Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler; Marine Corps MOS 1141; Okinawa Prefecture, Japan; University of Georgia (UGA)

00:08:27 - MARSOC

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Partial Transcript: Where were you with MARSOC?

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds spent his time with MARSOC at Stone Bay, where his unit's job was primarily to run generators, but completed tasks of various field operations. He spent most of his enlistment at Camp Lejeune and and discusses his realizations of how the military affects outside relationships. He considers how he had the ability to leave more often than most because of the relative closeness of his own girlfriend.

Keywords: Augusta, GA; Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune; Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command; United States Marine Corps

00:11:26 - Lessons Learned

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Partial Transcript: I noticed how it really changed my perspective...

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds discusses the lessons and habits he took away from the Marine Corps such as time management and communication skills. He mentions that he continues to take better care of himself, exercising every day. He shares his first experience with Field Day, the complete cleaning of the barracks every Thursday, and that he continues this habit even outside of the Marines.

Keywords: Military Occupational Specialty (MOS); United States Marine Corps

00:14:49 - The Effect of the Marine Corps on Expectations

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Partial Transcript: I definitely, I definitely understand, like, you hear students...

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds discusses how he no longer is shocked when hearing the bizarre actions of others on campus or otherwise. He exemplifies with stories of Safety Briefs every Friday in the Marine Corps in which they were told not to repeat the actions of someone from the weekend before.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Flanagan's; United States Marine Corps; University of Georgia (UGA)

00:17:05 - Knee Injury

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Partial Transcript: Cool, so what, so, you said you hurt your knee...

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds discusses being on light duty for several weeks off and on before a specialist viewed his MRIs to determine the cartilage in his knee was deteriorating.

Keywords: United States Marine Corps

00:18:46 - Second Time at UGA

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Partial Transcript: So, you said you got..,.

Segment Synopsis: Reynolds began working towards going back to school in 2015. Although he planned on doing tuition assistance and enrolling in online classes through Georgia State University, he was needed as Maintenance Chief when the current one deployed. Because the work load was more than before, he waited until leaving and decided to finish at UGA. He describes the difficulty of the transition because the university had changed so much.

Keywords: Corporal Marine Corps; Marine Corps MOS 3529; Motor Transport Maintenance Chief (MTMC); United States Marine Corps; University of Georgia

00:24:15 - Marine Training Effect on School

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Partial Transcript: So, how's it gone...

Segment Synopsis: Since his first semester at UGA, Reynolds says his undergraduate studies in Health and Physical Education have gone smoothly. He believes the Marine Corps has helped prepare him for his second attempt at college with a more business-like and structured mind set. He notes why he doesn't feel he would reenlist if he was in the condition to do so.

Keywords: Military mental health; United States Army; United States Marine Corps; United States National Guard; University of Georgia