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Interview with Osmayra Chipana, March 9, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:32 - Motivations for joining the military / Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)

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Partial Transcript: First question, super easy question, why did you join the Army National Guard?

Segment Synopsis: Chipana describes her reasoning for joining the Army National Guard including a desire to challenge herself and the promise of educational benefits. She discusses her family's reactions to her military service and talks about her occupation as a cook in the military. She talks about her early training and her experiences as a cook.

Keywords: 92 Golf; Army National Guard; Ft Jackson; Ft Lee; Peru

00:06:08 - Events leading to UGA attendance

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Partial Transcript: So then tell me about how your job in the guard meets your expectations. Why did you chose to be a cook and then me how that...

Segment Synopsis: Chipana discusses her motivations for becoming a cook in the Army National Guard noting the $20,000 bonus given to those who sign a contract. She also talks about how she came to attend the University of Georgia, including attending high school in Peru and attending a smaller university first to bring up her GPA before transferring.

Keywords: North Georgia University; Social Work; University of Georgia

00:08:55 - Future plans / final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Now did you work with a veterans office at North Georgia as well? How did you find the SVRC [Student Veterans Resource Center]?

Segment Synopsis: Chipana describes how the army has impacted her academic career by making her more grateful for her education and able to maintain a positive attitude. She also discusses the challenges of balancing the military with family, school, and work. She talks about her future plans of getting a job in the social work field, eventually graduating with a master's degree, and giving birth to her baby. She also discusses the importance of respectful and supportive leaders in the military.

Keywords: clinical social work; graduate education