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Interview with Marcus Garrison, February 16, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:24 - Motivations for joining the military / military occupational specialty (MOS)

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Segment Synopsis: Garrison discusses his motivations for joining the Navy, including financial and academic restraints that inhibited his ability to attend college, and a family history of military service. He also talks about his occupation as an intelligence analyst specializing in operational intelligence.

Keywords: Dam Neck, Virginia; Indiana

00:04:31 - Deployments

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Partial Transcript: So, give me, once you've finished your A school and your C school give me a day in the life of you.

Segment Synopsis: Garrison discusses a seven-month deployment to Syria that was extended for three more months because of conflict involving chemical weapons. He also talks about his deployment to Kosovo in which he was able to work with German and Swiss intelligence officials.

Keywords: Bashar al-Assad; Kosovo; Syria; dry dock

00:07:18 - Reflections on military service / Public misconceptions of the military

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Partial Transcript: As you reflect on your military service, what experience best captures or exemplifies your time in the military?

Segment Synopsis: Garrison describes the lasting impression the Navy has had on his life, noting his travels and the relationships he made. He also discusses his deployment to Germany, including his work in the counter intelligence office. Garrison also talks about the public misconceptions of intelligence work. He states that many people assume intelligence work is similar to television programs or Hollywood films, but in reality it is regular people with a particular tool set.

Keywords: Germany; military intelligence

00:10:59 - Transition to student life / military benefits

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Partial Transcript: Why did you get out?

Segment Synopsis: Garrison discusses his motivations for leaving the military, including a desire to return to academia and to start a family. He describes his preparations to leave the military and notes the importance of fiscal responsibility and the GI Bill as factors in preparing to leave. He talks about attending a small college immediately following his discharge.

Keywords: GI Bill; Indiana; University of Evansville

00:15:01 - Student Veterans Resource Center

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Partial Transcript: When, how did you find the Student Veterans Resource Center?

Segment Synopsis: Garrison describes learning about the Student Veteran Resource Center through his orientation at the University of Georgia. He talks about the familiar atmosphere of the resource center created by the shared experience of military service. Garrison also discusses how working in the intelligence community prepared him for university studies, including teaching him how to learn and read critically.

Keywords: Kosovo; critical reading skills; resources

00:18:24 - Student life / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: So what's your major?

Segment Synopsis: Garrison talks about his political science major and his career goals of working for a non-profit or going to law school. He also advises current service members to take advantage of the resources provided by the military to prepare them for the civilian world. Garrison also talks about his expectations of a normal college experience, but how, in reality, he found himself at a different stage in his life than his peers. He describes the new challenges veterans will face upon reentry to a civilian lifestyle, including independent living and financial responsibility.

Keywords: University of Georgia; political science