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Interview with Maria Munoz, March 24, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:45 - Motivations for joining the Air Force / Early training

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Partial Transcript: Big simple question, why did you join the military?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz describes her motivations for enlisting in the military, including the educational benefits, her desires to leave her small hometown, and her aspirations to travel. She also talks about growing up as a military brat and living all around the world. Munoz discusses being trained in military intelligence and her experience during Advanced Interpersonal Training (AIT).

Keywords: Good-Fellow Air Force Base; basic camp; military brat; senior airman

00:04:41 - Deployment to South Korea

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Partial Transcript: What did you think of South Korea? How was your time there?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz talks about her experiences during a two year deployment to South Korea. She describes traveling to different areas of Korea with friends from her unit.

Keywords: Osan Air Base; Threat Detection

00:06:45 - Picking an Air Force job

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Partial Transcript: When you decided on your job for the Air Force, when you picked, when you got your ASVAB results, and they decided what you were eligible for, how well did that new occupation meet your expectations? Was it the job you thought you were signing up for?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz describes how she selected her job in the Air Force and reflects on whether the skills she learned were transferable to civilian life. She also talks about her decision to go back for a university education.

Keywords: ASVAB; Linguistics

00:11:22 - Deployment to Afghanistan

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Partial Transcript: Changing directions just a little bit, Have you ever served in a theater of combat operations? And if so which and when?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz talks about her deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2012. She discusses her responsibilities working in the theater operations center. She describes her shifts, free time, and daily routine while in Afghanistan.

Keywords: Afghanistan; Mortars

00:16:40 - Reflections on military service

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Partial Transcript: As you reflect upon your military service, what experiences best capture your time in the military?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz describes the value of her deployments to Korea and Germany. She describes staying in contact with other airmen after leaving the Air Force.

Keywords: Bachelors Degree; Intel analyst

00:18:57 - Student life / Public misconceptions of the military

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Partial Transcript: What has the transition been like for you? As far as being a non traditional student on campus, is it something that comes up a lot in your interactions on campus?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz describes her age as being a separating factor between her and other students rather than her military service. She also talks about misconceptions of deployment and student veterans.

Keywords: PTSD; adjustment

00:24:56 - Transition to civilian life

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Partial Transcript: Why did you leave the military?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz talks about her honorable discharge, her goal of returning to pursue higher education, and her immediate transition after leaving the Air Force. She describes leaving the structured lifestyle of a military and finding a civilian job. Munoz discusses being accepted to Georgia State University and the University of Georgia.

Keywords: Department of Labor; Germany; University of Georgia; paid leave; unemployment

00:32:48 - Student experiences at UGA

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Partial Transcript: Your first few days on UGA, did you move into student housing? What was it like coming here for the first few days?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz talks about her initial impression of the university and her experiences as an older student. She describes her social life with other students and how she initially avoided interacting with the Student Veteran Resource Center in an attempt to define herself only as a student. She also discusses her occupation working in Student Veteran Resource office, and the different kinds of veterans she encounters.

Keywords: Student Veteran Resource Center

00:39:46 - Advice for other veterans

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Partial Transcript: What lessons learned would you offer to other service members currently on active duty when considering going to college?

Segment Synopsis: Munoz discusses how the transition to civilian life is different for each veteran. She describes why she chose to attend college a year after leaving the Air Force including a desire for higher education, and achieving financial stability. She also discusses her final thoughts and advice for other veterans on campus.

Keywords: Active Duty