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Interview with Howard Wallace, March 26, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:36 - Growing up in the 1930's

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Partial Transcript: I'm Howard Wallace and I'm a native...

Segment Synopsis: Howard talks about his upbringing as he was born in the 1930's, during the time of segregation. Howard explains that he had little contact with African Americans growing up. Howard explains how gerrymandering was used to increase the power of white populations after mandatory integration.

Keywords: West Griffin; mandatory integration

00:08:43 - The Biracial Committee

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Partial Transcript: How do you account for that, peaceful?

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about the ways in which a pastor in the community helped integration efforts in the city of Griffin, Georgia. Wallace recalls how the Biracial Committee was created in Griffin to spur integration efforts across the institutions of the town.

Keywords: Biracial Committee; Griffin, Georgia; St. John Episcopal Church; integration

00:14:45 - Cross burning / Joining the Army

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Partial Transcript: I'd be curious to know...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about cross burnings targeted at members of the Biracial Committee of Griffin. Wallace relates stories about his time in the army during segregation. Wallace talks about further interactions he had with African Americans during his time in university

Keywords: Biracial Committee; Ku Klux Klan (KKK); cross burning

00:21:16 - Benefits concerning Biracial Committee

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Partial Transcript: You think they were taught, or were ..

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about how his work in the Biracial Committee has created connections throughout the community of Griffin, Georgia. Wallace relates how African American lived in poor conditions when he was growing up in Griffin. Wallace talks about how the economic situation of African Americans has improved greatly throughout the years.

Keywords: Biracial Committee; Griffin, Georgia; economic growth

00:27:57 - Breaking racial barriers

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Partial Transcript: I ran into a lady the day...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace shares how racial barriers were slowly broken in Griffin. Wallace talks about the segregated services that were implemented while he was growing up including segregated facilities and unequal education among Blacks.

Keywords: Horace Ward; education; integration

00:34:22 - Racial aspects of education, church, and politics

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Partial Transcript: Can I ask a couple of questions...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about how racist ideologies were promoted through the use of religion and in the creation of multiple private schools in Griffin. Wallace and the interviewers discuss the racial aspect of recent politics.

Keywords: politics; private school; race; religion

00:41:52 - Political control in GA

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Partial Transcript: To elect a senator, you had ...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about the unconstitutional methods of senatorial elections that were carried out in Georgia, which ultimately prevented African Americans from getting office in sections of the south. Wallace shares how gerrymandering is currently effecting the representation of political opinions throughout Georgia. Wallace shares his optimism towards the future of Griffin, Georgia.

Keywords: Biracial Committee; Senator elections; districts; political power

00:48:16 - Works by the Biracial Committee

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Partial Transcript: Did you all collectively say...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about the work done by the Biracial Committee to dispel both minor and major acts of discrimination within the African American community of Griffin. Wallace explains how being a member of the Biracial Committee effected his political career. Wallace relates how he kept his racial beliefs in respect to his parents' stance on integration.

Keywords: Biracial Committee; Walter Jones; discrimination

00:57:05 - Court Cases / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Who was our track star...

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about the conduct he upholds to dispel racial inequalities. Wallace relates a mistake he made during a case he worked which had an unexpected result.

Keywords: Barnesville, Georgia; Wyoming Tyus; attorney; court cases