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Interview with Charlotte Eady, May 11, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:46 - Growing up in Griffin, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Charlotte, would you give us a little...

Segment Synopsis: Eady talks about her childhood growing up in Blackshear, Georgia. Eady states that her parents had little education, an aspect which she claims was integral to her career choice as a qualitative researcher of education. Eady explains her research and talks about her work as an associate professor of education leadership at Jacksonville State University. Eady details the integration history of Blackshear, Georgia, and her participation in it.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; Jacksonville State University; Sylvania, Georgia; University, Georgia; research

00:06:48 - Attending Blackshear High School

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Partial Transcript: It was a life-changing experience...

Segment Synopsis: Eady recalls that in being one of the three black students at Blackshear High School (previously all-white school), she experienced a new level of hostility from both teachers and students. Eady shares how the majority of her teachers were unsupportive of her academics and her decision to attend Blackshear. Eady talks about how her counselor's academic encouragement led her to receive full tuition and board scholarship from the University of Georgia.

Keywords: Blackshear High School; University of Georgia; education

00:12:54 - C.W Daniels

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Partial Transcript: We were actually recruited to Griffin...

Segment Synopsis: Eady explains her decision to work in Griffin, Georgia, as there were many job opportunities for both her and her husband. Eady recalls how she came to interview C.W. Daniels, a well-known member of the Griffin, Georgia Community. Eady talks about C.W Daniels's work as the principal of an African American school.

Keywords: Camilla, Georgia; Griffin, Georgia; Mount Zion Baptist Church; Norma Greenwood

00:19:44 - C.W Daniels (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: For the most part, before the schools were integrated...

Segment Synopsis: Eady explains how C.W Daniels managed his position as the school system administrator of Griffin. Eady recalls that Daniels maintained prestige as a result of his benevolent actions within the community. Eady explains how Daniels was integral in maintaining the school's functions. Eady recalls the ways in which Daniels faced prejudice while working as the supervisor of the newly segregated schools.

Keywords: C.W Daniels; Griffin, Georgia; education; segregation

00:26:16 - Inequality in education

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Partial Transcript: So he was able to...

Segment Synopsis: Eady describes the ways in which C.W Daniels maintained composure and authority as the the supervisor of a recently integrated Griffin High School. Eady explains how Daniels handled a particular incident, in which a protest took place at the school. Eady talks about Daniels resourcefulness in offsetting the effect of a lack in resources in Griffin's African American educational community.

Keywords: C.W Daniels; Griffin High School; education; protest; segregation

00:33:16 - C.W Daniels (cont.) / Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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Partial Transcript: So our oldest son had to transfer from...

Segment Synopsis: Eady shares the ways in which C.W Daniels would help the community by getting children involved in educational opportunities around the area. Eady talks about the history of Griffin's Mount Zion Baptist Church.

Keywords: D.W. Daniels; Griffin, Georgia; education

00:41:06 - Mt. Zion Baptist Church (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: They moved then...

Segment Synopsis: Eady relates how segregation led to the creation of the Griffin Mount Zion Church. Eady explains that the church eventually burned down and was rebuilt in its most recent location. Eady emphasizes Mount Zion's importance as the center of community activities. Eady describes C.W Daniels as the "liaison" between the black and white population of Griffin.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; Mt. Zion Baptist Church

00:48:14 - Integration and inequalities

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Partial Transcript: Cabin Creek was a private school...

Segment Synopsis: Eady talks about the history of Cabin Creek as an African American private school. Eady opines how integration came as a challenge for many of the black students living in Griffin. Eady talks about her experience with integration, and how she was angry after she realized the inequalities of her previous education at an all-black school. Eady shares how she later appreciated the adaptability of her teachers in their abilities to teach with limited resources.

Keywords: Blackshire High School; Cabin Creek (private school); Cabin Creek Baptist Association

00:55:28 - Integration and the group identity

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Partial Transcript: And, my band director would have to...

Segment Synopsis: Eady explains that while at Blackshire High School, a majority-white school, she was repeatedly discriminated against by both teachers and students. Eady recalls how integration challenged the sense of identity of both the black and white students and how each group dealt with this challenge.

Keywords: Blackshire High School; Griffin, Georgia; band; education

01:02:09 - Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: I'm so proud to say that there was a group...

Segment Synopsis: Eady recalls the process of renovating a Griffin, Georgia all-black school into a community center. Eady relates her observation that individuals reacted differently to the process of integration.

Keywords: Griffin Georgia; community center; education