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Interview with Kenda Suzette Fuller-Woodard, December 13, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:39 - Fairmount, Georgia community / Early education

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Partial Transcript: Okay, well actually, this journey...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard talks about growing up in the Fairmount community of Georgia. She describes the demographic of her childhood community, as many of the community members were educators. Fuller-Woodard mentions her experience graduating from North-Side Elementary School.

Keywords: Columbus Fuller; Dave Franklin Fuller; Fairmount, Georgia; Margaret Fuller; Moore Elementary School; North-Side Elementary School

00:06:58 - Church / Dave Franklin Fuller

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Partial Transcript: We went to church every Sunday...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard talks about the spiritual nature of her community's church. Fuller-Woodard describes how her family, the Fullers, had owned a section of the town in Fairmount Georgia, owned by her great grandfather Dave Franklin Fuller during the 1960's. Fuller-Woodard talks about the impact of church on her upbringing.

Keywords: Dave Franklin Fuller; New Hope Baptist Church; church

00:13:24 - Griffin, Georgia community

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Partial Transcript: At the age of fifteen...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard talks about her great-grandfather David Franklin's family. Fuller-Woodard recalls watching the Fairmount High School band and football games. Fuller-Woodard emphasizes the sense of community in Griffin, Georgia and talks about her earliest memories of segregation.

Keywords: Fairmount, High School; Griffin, Georgia; James Mancon; community

00:20:50 - African American businesses in Griffin, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: But I can say that I can...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard relates her experience being one of the only black students in her educational community. Fuller-Woodard recounts some of the black businesses around the Griffin community during the 1960's. Fuller-Woodard talks about her uncle's participation in Civil Rights Activism.

Keywords: American Legion; Atlanta Life; Horris Fuller Jr.; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Snow's Rib Shack

00:27:47 - Simmons's Grocery

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Partial Transcript: I know the Simmons...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard talks about her family's credit account, which they used to purchase groceries from Simmons's Grocery. Fuller-Woodard describes more of the African American businesses around Griffin, Georgia.

Keywords: Bamboo Hut; Benjamin Dey; Griffin, Georgia; Simmons's Grocery; Spalding Undertaker

00:35:14 - Fairmount recreation center

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Partial Transcript: And my aunt Lucy Kate worked there...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard describes her experiences at the Fullar-Woodard Nursery School and the Fairmount Recreation Center. She recalls the filling in of the segregated community pools prior to the opening of an integrated community center. Fuller-Woodard talks about her wish for a better educational community in Griffin, Georgia.

Keywords: E.G. Bowdin Nursery School; Fairmount Housing Authority; Fairmount Recreation Center

00:43:09 - Griffin community

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Partial Transcript: With the exception of Reverend...

Segment Synopsis: Fuller-Woodard lists the churches surrounding her community in Griffin, Georgia. Fuller-Woodard talks about how the substandard housing among other factors has led to the disintegration of Griffin. Fuller-Woodard describes her community as of present.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; community