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Interview with Cheryl Head Rashied and Raymond Head III, June 22, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:19 - Parent's careers / Fairmount High School

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Partial Transcript: If you all could start off telling...

Segment Synopsis: Rashied talks about her childhood and describes her mother's job as a teacher and her father's job as a tailor. Rashied recalls finding out about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the impact it had on her world perception as a child. Rashied describes Fairmount High School, and the quality of the teachers.

Keywords: Fairmount, Georgia; Griffin, Georgia; Philander Smith College

00:08:09 - Fairmount High School (cont.) / segregation in Griffin

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Partial Transcript: Wherever we went, there was first place...

Segment Synopsis: Rashied talks about the nature of the teachers at Fairmount High School. Rashied mentions how they still enjoyed recreational activities despite the disadvantaged developments innate to segregation. Rashied describes her parents' upbringing and the effects segregation had on their childhood.

Keywords: Fairmount High School; Griffin, Georgia; Juanita Morris; Mississippi Delta; segregation

00:15:17 - Businesses in Griffin, Georgia / Impact of Fairmount High School

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Partial Transcript: Being a business man himself...

Segment Synopsis: Rashied talks about her maternal grandmother, Pauline Head, and the impact she and the rest of her family had on the businesses of Griffin, Georgia. Rashied recalls the cultural impact Fairmount High School had on the Griffin community.

Keywords: Cleanwell Pressing Club; Fairmount High School; Griffin, Georgia; Pauline Head

00:21:44 - Dealing with discrimination

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Partial Transcript: I had a neighbor next door to me...

Segment Synopsis: Rashied talks about ways in which the Griffin community promoted moral standards in the children. Rashied recalls how community recreation was completely segregated and describes some of her earliest memories of segregation. Rashied mentions the ways in which her mother confronted discrimination.

Keywords: Fairmount High School; Griffin, Georgia; discrimination; segregation

00:28:38 - Dealing with discrimination (cont.) / Desegregation

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Partial Transcript: She said, " I am a married woman...

Segment Synopsis: Rashied relates some instances in which her mother, Ceiola Head, responded to discrimination during Rashied's childhood. Raymond describes the cultural shift in Griffin towards a desegregated community. Raymond talks about the Ku Klux Klan's impact on integration efforts, and their retaliation towards black businesses and residents.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; Ku Klux Klan (KKK); discrimination; integration

00:35:28 - Desegregation (cont.) / Attending Griffin High School

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell us a little bit more...

Segment Synopsis: Cheryl talks about the Biracial Committee of Griffin Georgia, which was created to ease tensions between blacks and whites during mandatory integration. Raymond explains how he came to attend Griffin High School and the difficulties that came with integration.

Keywords: Fairmount High School; Griffin High School; segregation

00:43:35 - Assimilating into Griffin High School

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Partial Transcript: Now, how did the kids take us?

Segment Synopsis: Raymond recalls the strategies he used to stay safe as one of the first black students to attend the newly integrated Griffin High School. Raymond mentions other strategies used by the other black students to promote assimilation. Raymond describes his first impressions of Griffin High.

Keywords: Griffin High School; integration

00:50:09 - Assimilation (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: And I recall a situation...

Segment Synopsis: Raymond recalls some interactions he had with different students at Griffin High School, and some of the subtle discrimination methods used by some Griffin community members after integration. Raymond mentions of his regret at not being able to attend Fairmount High School.

Keywords: Griffin High School; Tennessee State University; University of Tennessee; integration

00:56:56 - Reflecting thoughts on integration

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Partial Transcript: My only concern after I went through...

Segment Synopsis: Raymond reflects on his time at Griffin High School, and mentions his wish for more individual instruction at the school. Raymond describes how his experience at Griffin High School has impacted his adult life and career. Raymond expands upon the integration process in Griffin.

Keywords: Griffin High School; Spaulding High School; integration

01:02:45 - Effects of integration on the black community / Black businesses

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Partial Transcript: Well, your family was...

Segment Synopsis: Raymond reflects on the Griffin African American community's reaction to integration. Raymond recalls some of the black businesses located around his hometown of Griffin, Georgia.

Keywords: Griffin High School; desegregation

01:11:20 - Clubs in the Griffin community / Running for office

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Partial Transcript: Your mom was a member of the...

Segment Synopsis: Raymond and Cheryl recall some of the community clubs around their home town. Cheryl lists some of the clubs her parents regularly participated in. Cheryl relates some of the memories she has about her father, and his decisions to run for office in the city of Griffin.

Keywords: Busy Matrons Leisure Hour (BMLS); Griffin, Georgia; community clubs

01:19:01 - Raymond Head Jr.

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Partial Transcript: So it took a couple of tries...

Segment Synopsis: Cheryl talks about her father's rise to the position of city commissioner of Griffin. Cheryl discusses her father, Raymond Jr.'s, impact on the Griffin community.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Raymond Head Jr.; city commissioner

01:26:08 - Raymond Head Jr. (cont.) / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: When I look back at what my dad wanted...

Segment Synopsis: Cheryl recalls her father, Raymond Head Jr., receiving the General Griffin title by the Griffin community. Cheryl talks about her father's passing and recalls the presence Raymond Jr. had on the community. Cheryl and Raymond share their thanks for their supportive community members.

Keywords: General Griffin; Griffin, Georgia; Raymond Head Jr.