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Interview with Juanitress Morris Cofield, May 31, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:06 - Growing up in Griffin, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: I did grow up in Griffin...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield describes the closeness and sense of community of her childhood home of Griffin, Georgia. Cofield recalls her parents' careers, as her father was a farmer and her mother was a teacher. Cofield talks about some of her father's experiences in both farming and segregation.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; community; teaching

00:08:38 - Integration in the African American community

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Partial Transcript: She kept in touch with them until...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield talks about how her mother came to teach at the newly integrated Griffin High School after teaching at the originally segregated Fairmont High School. Cofield relates some of her mother's experiences as a teacher at Griffin High School. Cofield recalls the ways in which integration was difficult for African American students..

Keywords: Fairmont High School; Griffin High School

00:15:03 - Attending East Griffin Elementary

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Partial Transcript: And we would go in and...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield talks about some of the discrimination her mother faced as a teacher in the newly integrated Griffin High School. Cofield recalls her first introduction to public school as a Crescent Elementary kindergarten student. Cofield explains that when she attended East Griffin Elementary, she experienced discrimination from other students, though she recalls that the teachers and administrations were exceptionally fair.

Keywords: Crescent Road Elementary School; East Griffin Elementary School; Griffin High School; Sacred Heart Catholic School

00:22:44 - African American owned businesses in Griffin, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: And there was a nightclub...

Segment Synopsis: Morris describes the African American businesses located around her childhood home. Morris describes some of the business owners throughout the Griffin community. Morris talks about her father's work at the mills.

Keywords: African American businesses; Griffin,Georgia; community

00:29:53 - The Griffin community center

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Partial Transcript: We went to the community center almost...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield talks about how she spent much of her recreational time at the Griffin community center, which was segregated until mandatory integration was implemented. Cofield recalls her mother's commitment to education through her teaching. Cofeild talks about some of the organizations her mother joined and describes her mother's hobby as a storyteller.

Keywords: Sue Juanita Perteet Morris; community center; segregation; storytelling

00:36:47 - Sue's mentoring and ministry

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Partial Transcript: And I said, well isn't that what you wanted...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield talks about some of the mentoring groups and ministries her mother, Sue Morris, started in the churches surrounding the Griffin area. Cofield talks about the ways in which she and her siblings reflect their mother's likeness.

Keywords: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Sue Juanita Perteet Morris

00:43:29 - Sue Morris's storytelling

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Partial Transcript: So do you recall any of the stories...

Segment Synopsis: Cofield retells a story her mother, Sue Morris, told her during childhood. Cofeild talks about some of the sayings Sue coined frequently through the years. Coefeild recalls some of the items she found belonging to her mother after her passing.

Keywords: Christine King Farris; Martin Luther King; Sam Cooke; Sue Juanita Perteet Morris

00:52:57 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: Her dad was originally from Augusta...

Segment Synopsis: Morris talks about her grandfather's work as a farmer. Morris talks some of the history of her some of relatives and their experiences during times of segregation. Morris explains that her mother, Sue Morris, kept a journal that cataloged many of the experiences of her life.

Keywords: Spelman College; Sue Juanita Perteet Morris; segregation

00:59:52 - Storytelling / Speak-language pathology

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Partial Transcript: When did her story telling career...

Segment Synopsis: Cofeild talks about how her mother, Sue Morris, came to start storytelling throughout her teaching career. Cofield talks about how she came to study speak language pathology. Cofield describes Sue's job as a historian for the Mount Zion Church.

Keywords: Mount Zion; Sue Juanita Perteet Morris; speaking pathology