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Interview with Love Maddox, April 25, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:02:19 - Joining the police force

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Partial Transcript: Before we get off into talking ...

Segment Synopsis: Love Maddox talks about his impressions of police as a child growing up in Griffin, Georgia and his decision to become one of the first African American policeman in Griffin. Maddox describes some of the subtle cues that made him feel unwelcome in the police force. Maddox shares how he was not limited in who he could arrest despite contradictory rules around the area.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; arrests; police

00:10:32 - Difficulties in policing

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Partial Transcript: Well he said, "if you're a police...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox explains how he faced discrimination from both Blacks and whites as an African American policeman during the 1960's. Maddox shares how he was often called racial slurs while on the job by both Blacks and whites.

Keywords: arrests; discrimination

00:18:02 - Discrimination / Career sabotage attempts

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Partial Transcript: I would ask them...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox recalls how ignoring the racial slurs often worked in stopping the name-calling. Maddox shares that there were few Blacks in other positions of public service. Maddox talks about his experience in police academy, and shares some of the methods of sabotage used by others to ruin his career.

Keywords: discrimination; police academy; racial slurs

00:24:52 - Interactions with the Ku Klux Klan

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Partial Transcript: I was laying on the sofa...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox talks about some of the other experiences he had with facing discrimination while on the police force. Maddox relates some of his interactions with the Ku Klux Klan.

Keywords: KKK; fighting; policing

00:31:06 - Interactions with Ku Klux Klan (KKK) / Retaliation by the Black community

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Partial Transcript: Were you on the force when...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox shares his recollection of further interactions with the Ku Klux Klan. Maddox explains how he believes Black community leaders in Griffin actively worked against his presence in the community.

Keywords: Griffin, Georgia; Ku Klux Klan (KKK); community leaders

00:39:12 - Retaliation by the Black community (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: He had voice enough ...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox continues to describe the influence that some Black leaders in the Griffin community had on the his police work. Maddox relates some of the difficulties and fear he faced as a Black policeman during the 1960's. Maddox shares how he often experienced more trouble from the African American community as opposed to the white community.

Keywords: community; discrimination; policing

00:47:19 - The set-up

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Partial Transcript: I'm still puzzled by who was setting up...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox continues describing the raid attempt which was perpetuated as an attempt to sabotage his career. Maddox shares how the set-up fell through, and how it effected his career and perception of the African American community of Griffin.

Keywords: Tom Simpson; set-up

00:54:50 - Policing in Atlanta

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Partial Transcript: I wanna be chief ...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox recalls how he shared his desire to become chief in Griffin. Maddox shares how he became a policeman in Atlanta. Maddox describes the intense racial climate of his experience as a policeman in Atlanta, which he claims stemmed almost entirely from the Black community.

Keywords: African American community; Atlanta, Georgia; B.J Jackson; Griffin, Georgia

01:02:41 - Becoming a policeman

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Partial Transcript: You were into the police force...

Segment Synopsis: Maddox talks about his police training experience in the early 1960's. Maddox shares that most of his learning took place on the job despite his training in the police academy. Maddox shares why he believes he got the job.

Keywords: Police Academy; training