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Interview with Pastor Freddie Phillips, January 25, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:39 - Introduction / Childhood and family

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Partial Transcript: Pastor Phillips, thank you very much for coming today to talk to us...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips discusses his early childhood and talks about his parents, recalling that his mother worked at the hospital and his father worked at the textile mill.

Keywords: Annie Shockley Grade School; Beatrice Phillips; Dundee Mills Inc.; Leroy Phillips; Spalding County Hospital

00:05:37 - Early school years

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Partial Transcript: Well tell us a little bit about your early education.

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips talks about attending Annie Shockley Elementary School and Fairmont High School. He recalls being a member of the basketball team and the marching band in high school.

Keywords: PTA; band director; basketball; majorettes; segregation

00:14:22 - High school segregation

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Partial Transcript: How conscious were you when you were coming through ...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips reflects on his awareness of the effects of segregation during high school. He recalls his disappointment in the subpar education materials, but emphasizes the flexibility and adaptability of his teachers growing up.

Keywords: C.W. Daniels; Dr. Horace Tate; Segregated School; Segregation

00:18:10 - Economics in segregated Griffin

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Partial Transcript: Tell us a little bit about the economy of Griffin...

Segment Synopsis: In this segment, Pastor Phillips elaborates on the economic conditions faced by African-Americans in segregated Griffin, GA. He also touches on the role played by the Griffin office of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company and several prominent professionals in the community.

Keywords: A.C. Touchstone; Alonzo Herndon; Atlanta Life Financial Group; Atlanta Life Insucrance Company; Clean Well Pressing Club; Pomona Products Company; Slaton Avenue; Snow’s Barbecue

00:28:14 - Civil Rights Activism

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Partial Transcript: All right, let's take a look at the civil rights era...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips discusses his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. He talks about participating in sit-ins at lunch counters along with his protesting and picketing experience.

Keywords: AC Touchstone; Citizen Improvement League; F.W. Woolworth Company; Glen Reid; NAACP; Phillip Head; Rev. James Shropshire; Rev. O.H. Stenson; The City Commission; Woolworth's

00:38:30 - Civil Rights Activism (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: Since you were at the forefront of the civil rights movement...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips talks about his parents' concern about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. He also discusses picketing in front of the Food Depot grocery store because of the owner's refuser to serve African American customers.

Keywords: Bi-Racial Committee; Chamber of Commerce; Dundee Mills; Farimont High School; Raymond Head; newspaper coverage

00:53:47 - Economic impacts of the civil rights movement / Ku Klux Klan interactions

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Partial Transcript: I’m also curious, because you all were out protesting and trying...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillips describes the fears of those who participated in the Civil Rights Movement. He also talks about the antics of the Ku Klux Klan during this time and recalls cross burning incidents. Pastor Phillips recounts an interaction he had with a past Ku Klux Klan member.

Keywords: Bethel Baptist Church; Bi-Racial Committee; Clean Well Pressing Club; J.B Stoner; Raymond Head; Sacred Heart Catholic Church; Thomas Packing Company

01:01:13 - Civil Rights politics

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Partial Transcript: And that makes me also think about also ...

Segment Synopsis: Pastor Phillps discusses the voting rights of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement and talks about the difficulties he faced in running for office in a majority white district. Phillips recalls the reputation of Judge Whalen Jr..

Keywords: NAACP; Ray. L Robinson; Ricky Sutton; Single Member Districts; literacy test

01:15:32 - General Discussion of Griffin and the Faith Community in Griffin

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Partial Transcript: If you had to pinpoint one or two reasons why...

Segment Synopsis: In this segment, Pastor Phillips talks about what makes Griffin a special place and why many successful people from Griffin were able to overcome a system in which the odds were stacked against them.

Keywords: BUG; Dr. Horace Tate; Fairmont High School; NAACP; SCLC; Samuel Dubois Cook; gender roles; non-violent activism; voter registration