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Interview with Krissi Davis, January 25, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:32 - School Demographic

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Partial Transcript: Grady is a very diverse school.

Segment Synopsis: Davis shares the size and diversity of the high school in which she teaches and how challenging it can be to teach a school full of students coming from a variety of different backgrounds.

Keywords: Atlanta, Ga; Grady High School

00:02:20 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: I always knew I wanted to be a teacher from early on.I remember playing school with my younger sister. My parents even say I taught her how to read.

Segment Synopsis: Davis describes how she has been teaching since she was a child.

00:03:12 - Unexpected Responsibilities

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Partial Transcript: There are many aspects of music teaching that have nothing to do with music.

Segment Synopsis: Davis discusses how well trained she was in becoming a teacher but there are still responsibilities that come with being a teacher as well as traditional ideals that she had to learn to let go to in order to find a healthy balance in her career. She also discusses the benefits of connecting with other fellow teachers..

Keywords: Budgeting; counselor; recession

00:09:52 - Motivation and Overcoming Challenges

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Partial Transcript: Those kids that sit in the back of the orchestra, let's be candid, when they finally get it. When the light bulb goes off.

Segment Synopsis: Davis discusses how she finds joy in watching her students overcome their own personal challenges in order to succeed.

Keywords: advocating; budget cuts; funny moments; hope; parents; rewards; self evaluation

00:15:59 - Career Change

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Partial Transcript: When I hit 30 years... I am open to seeing what else is out there.

Segment Synopsis: Davis discusses the idea of creating a much needed bridge that would make it easier for students to navigate between high school and higher education.

Keywords: Doctorate; higher education

00:17:02 - Teaching Style

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Partial Transcript: Strict. I do think they recognize when I balance strict vs - I know when to be strict. I know when to be nurturing.

Segment Synopsis: Davis discusses how her students view her teaching style and how she bases her teaching style on the needs of her students.

00:17:47 - Mentorship

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Partial Transcript: Natalie Colbert. She is the reason why.. I decided to become a music teacher. Just her nurturing spirit.

Segment Synopsis: Davis discusses who influenced her, how she stays refreshed through things like professional development and the influence her mentor has had on how she mentors others.

Keywords: nurturing; professional development