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Interview with Amanda Dodd, January 24, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:29 - School Demographic

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Partial Transcript: We have a fabulous balance of students.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes the demographic of the school in which she teaches.

Keywords: Gwinett County; Lovin Elementary; foster students; suburban; title one

00:02:01 - Teaching Origin

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Partial Transcript: She was standing on a table one day to illustrate some concept of something and I thought, 'She is having so much fun. That's what I want to do."

Segment Synopsis: Dodd explains how her desire to teach bloomed from observing her 4th grade teacher. She describes how her first day of school did not go as planned even though she had planned extensively and how her education had not quite prepared her for some of the challenges that she faced but the support that she received from fellow teachers and the memory of the teaching style of her 4th grade teacher kept her motivated.

Keywords: Elementary Teacher; University of Georgia; academically prepared; first day; first-year teaching; mentoring

00:12:03 - Quality of Teacher Preparation

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Partial Transcript: They used to say inch deep mile wide versus mile deep inch wide.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes how she felt there was a lot of information to cover in her education that did not allow her to go more in depth in the areas of her interest. She also explains how even though she has challenging and isolating moments, her love for her students and their ability to surprise her with their creativity and talent as well as conferences with fellow teachers and mentors keeps her encouraged.

Keywords: 5 year; conferences; mentors; proud moment

00:22:28 - Challenging Moment

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Partial Transcript: The county was going through some growing pains. They would add two teachers to a school and then they open a new school and they would pull one teacher out and it was always the teacher with the least amount of seniority and in my first nine years I taught at four different schools.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes the frustration of having to change from school after investing so much into its program.

Keywords: displacement

00:24:50 - Teaching Rewards

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Partial Transcript: The job within itself is the reward.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes moments of teaching satisfaction and how she works around challenges and practices patience as she hangs on to the hope for a great future for the music program.

Keywords: challenges; grants; hopeful for music profession

00:31:18 - Funniest Moment

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Partial Transcript: And the batter hit that ball right off the top of my head.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes a couple of unexpected comedic moment htat has occurred while teaching class and how she tries to use humor and movement as a tools while teaching.

Keywords: teaching style

00:35:23 - Mentoring

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Partial Transcript: I was fortunate enough to grow up with several amazing music educators. To pick one is pretty tough.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd manages to describe one mentor who had the most influence on her by encouraging her to look at frustrating situations from a different point of view and how working hard can pay off. She also describes how she uses these ideas to teach and mentor her students as well as other teachers.

Keywords: Alan Beach; Positive Intervention Behavior School; Tiger tokens; attitude; motivating students; payoff

00:44:32 - A Student's Story

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Partial Transcript: I had a student that I didn' know what to do with. His mother was a staff member.

Segment Synopsis: Dodd describes a challenging student that made an amazing change in behavior after a few years in her classroom and how this transformation influences her as a teacher to this present day.