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Interview with Mandy Gunter, January 24, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:26 - School Demographic

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Partial Transcript: We have about 800 students in a very changing demographic which I absolutely love.

Segment Synopsis: Gunter discusses the demographic of her school.

Keywords: Burnett Elementary; General Music; Gwinett County; Middle Class; Urban

00:01:01 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: I think teaching has sort of always been in the background.

Segment Synopsis: Gunter discusses who influenced her to choose teaching, how excited she was on the first day of teaching, how she had to adapt to the unexpected and what has kept her teaching. She also discusses how she would have appreciated a little more experience in teaching while earning her degree.

Keywords: 5 year; broadway; challenges; first day

00:06:55 - Teaching Challenges

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Partial Transcript: I think the demands have changed.

Segment Synopsis: Gunter explains how challening it is to find the time and resources needed in order to provide quality level teaching in a profession whose demands are constantly changing.

00:10:14 - A Student's Story

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Partial Transcript: It was the first time her mother had seen her child stand on stage and be a part of a group.

Segment Synopsis: Gunter describes a moment when she witnessed music making a difference in a student’s life.

Keywords: participation; proud moment

00:12:22 - Most Challenging

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Partial Transcript: I have found that trying to show the importance of my class and the validity that music ed has in a student and in a school setting [is a challenge].

Segment Synopsis: Gunter expresses her frustration on how a music teacher's concerns are often overlooked when it comes to recognizing a student's learning challenges...

Keywords: communication breakdown

00:14:52 - Teaching Rewards

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Partial Transcript: Its the hugs. It is the - again I keep going back to the relationships...

Segment Synopsis: Gunter describes how she builds a positive, joyful teaching relationship with her students to instill the value of music. She also explains the joy that the students bring to her as a teacher.

Keywords: career change; funny moments; hopeful

00:20:08 - Mentoring

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Partial Transcript: I would have to say Tiffany my cooperating teacher. And the reason being is that she took all of this background knowledge that I've had throughout the years.

Segment Synopsis: Gunter describes her most influential mentors. She also describes how she mentors to her students, how her students mentor to her and how she keeps herself energized so that she can be the best teacher for her students.

Keywords: creativity; excercising; fresh ideas; ownership; student role