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Interview with Roland Ventura, January 23, 2020

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:39 - Demographic

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Partial Transcript: It’s suburbs, completely in the suburbs… it’s a very big melting pot.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes the demographic of his school.

Keywords: Gwinnett County; Middle School Band; homeless children; middle class

00:01:34 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: I actually joined the military first and ended up making it into the army band program

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes his career ventures before finally becaoming what he was meant to be - a music teacher. He also describes his first job as a band director and how he was able to learn from fellow teachers.

Keywords: Business major

00:05:49 - Teaching Expectations

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Partial Transcript: It's more different now than it was 20 years ago. The students now are different.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes how the student behavior is different now in comparison to when he first started teaching. He also goes on to talk about the advice he would give himself as a new teacher.

Keywords: professional learning

00:08:15 - Quality of Teaching Preparation

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Partial Transcript: Mine was very good but mine was very good on the practical side.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes the training he received in preparation of becoming a teacher, the strengths of his college's program and where he feels he was lacking.

Keywords: Music history; Troy University; logistics

00:10:09 - Why Stay in Teaching

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Partial Transcript: I don't feel like I've been teaching for 23 years. i don't feel like it's been a burden. I don't feel like its been a chore to be a teacher or a band director

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes a time when his love for teaching was tested, how teaching compares to a career in the business world and why it's difficult to remain in the teaching career.

Keywords: marching band; retirement; technology

Subjects: generations of teachers; teaching career vs business career

00:16:38 - Proud Moment

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Partial Transcript: Oh there’s so many. And there is so many that I don't even talk about.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes a few of his many students that have found success in their prospective careers. He also describes those who didn't choose a positive path that still remember the positive impact that he had on them as a teacher..

Keywords: court; learning disablity; rocket engineer

00:19:23 - Personal Challenge

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Partial Transcript: Challenging moments for me doesn’t involve the kids. Challenging moments for me usually involve a hypercritical parent or a hypercritical administration.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura shares some teaching senarios that frustrate him as a teacher.

Keywords: administration; parents

00:22:35 - Hopeful Moments

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Partial Transcript: I have my own personal outlook in life that whenever I hit that barrier, whatever that barrier is, if I want to knock it down, if I want to get past it I figure out a way.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura discusses a few challenges that he has had to overcome that keeps him hopeful about the program and what he sees as challenges within band instruction overall.

Keywords: administraton; vision

00:25:55 - Funny Moments

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Partial Transcript: There are so many moments of just laughing in class where people will say something.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura shares how humor is important in his classroom as well as learning to deal with disappointment and pain.

Keywords: career change; type of teacher

00:28:06 - Career Change

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Partial Transcript: I have especially recently. i have thought about changing my career to something 'easier'.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura talks about how he has thought about changing careers but his love for his job keeps him teaching.

00:29:29 - Mentoring

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Partial Transcript: I tell them we’re going to have a one-sided conversation and you’re going to lose.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura describes how he cares for his students and would never ask them to do what he wouldn't want to do himself but ensures that he is in charge. He also goes on to describe several teachers and students that has influenced him as a teacher.

Keywords: old school teacher; practice records

00:37:40 - Students' Stories

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Partial Transcript: I learn from my students in so many different ways and that's not just a line.

Segment Synopsis: Ventura shares the difficult situations that several of his students had to overcome and the lasting impression their preserverance made on him.