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Interview with Vicky Orozco, October 31, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:32 - School Demographic

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Partial Transcript: Technically, it would be considered a large school because it's a network of four schools.

Keywords: Minority; South Bronx; South Bronx Classical Charter School

00:01:29 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: I've been doing music for a very long time, I think, since I was ten and I have always known since the age of eight, whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up I wanted to be a teacher.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco describes the key moments in her life that drew her into becoming a music teacher. She also describes her first day of teaching and the terrifying disappointment that came with each new class period.

Keywords: first day; guitar; piano; tutoring

00:04:04 - Teaching Expectations

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Partial Transcript: I guess I didn't realize that my band director had a well oiled machine. He didn't have to tell us what to do.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco talks about how shocking it was to discover that her students were completely untrained. She also explains how it's easier to narrow her focus on the achievable and once mastered then expand the program..

Keywords: first year advice

00:08:54 - Teaching Challenges

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Partial Transcript: In my first year I, definitely, thought of leaving. I thought I could literally work anywhere else or I could do any other thing.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco describes how the kids keep her coming back and how surprising it is to realize that their enthusiasm keeps her anchored to teaching. She also shares how easy it is to be disappointed in teaching because of how stressful the job can be.

Keywords: 5 year mark

00:12:28 - Proud Moment

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Partial Transcript: Whenever I get messages from my students back in Miami. So, I was there for two years and then I left.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco describes the pride she feels when the students from her previous school keep her abreast of important music related moments in their lives.

00:13:34 - Challenging Moments

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Partial Transcript: Kindergarten. I don't think I was ready for that. I'm still not ready for that.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco describes how much patience she has learned to practice as a kindergarten music teacher.

00:15:32 - Music Program Hope

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Partial Transcript: The more we make clear that it's not just a fun activity that can be done, that it helps with cognizant skills.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco feels that as long as people continue to realize the cognizant value of music, music teaching will continue to thrive. She also shares some funny situations that have occurred in her classroom and explains why she keeps teaching..

Keywords: budget cuts; career change; community; funniest moment; performer

00:20:17 - Most Influential Mentor

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Partial Transcript: And one of the struggles I had was wer'e supposed to-- If a kid is talking out of term we're supposed to use warning voice.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco talks about how she tries to find ways to earn her student's respect without strict disciplinary reactions yet she still holds them to high standards. She also explained how her mentor gave her enough confidence to learn her own style which help hser to bring out the best in her students.

Keywords: French teacher; calm; motivating students; teaching style

00:28:03 - Influencing Others

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Partial Transcript: It was basically a weekly call of, "Hey this thing happened to me today and how do I deal with it."

Segment Synopsis: Orozco describes how she mentored a first year teacher through regular phone calls. She also shares ideas of programs and other outlets that would help her to be a better teacher.

00:31:38 - A Student's Story

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Partial Transcript: I learned to be positive more thant anything.

Segment Synopsis: Orozco shares how impressed she was with one of her students that found himself living in a difficult situation yet still kept a positive attitude as he navigated high school.