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Interview with Julia West, October 31, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:33 - Demographic

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Partial Transcript: All of my teaching have been in urban cities.

Segment Synopsis: West describes the weight of teaching responsibility with each type of school demographic.

Keywords: Dallas

00:03:29 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: I had a number of influential teachers when I was growing up and among them was a band director.

Segment Synopsis: West shares what influenced her into making a career out of teaching and describes what her life was like when she took on her first teaching job.

Keywords: Advice; First Day; Teacher Training

00:09:01 - Teacher Training

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Partial Transcript: I'd say that I received the needed training at each stage.

Segment Synopsis: West feels that she received the appropriate training based on the level of education she was pursuing.

Keywords: doctorate; masters; undergraduate

00:10:58 - Why Stay in Teaching

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Partial Transcript: It's the only pursuit that fills my soul, feeds me.

Segment Synopsis: West shares how much teaching means to her, the joy and pain. She also explains how she can sometimes understand why other teachers leave the profession. She then describes several proud moments she has had as a teacher.

Keywords: 5 year; Proud moments; discrepancies

00:17:16 - Teaching Challenges

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Partial Transcript: We found meaning in that portable atmosphere until at one point the sewage piplines rupture and yet we were supposed to teach in that space.

Segment Synopsis: West shares a particularly smelly moment when she found it a challenge to teach effectively. She also shares what it felt like to have her supplies and personal property vandalized.

00:21:00 - Teaching Rewards

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Partial Transcript: When I see students excited and thrilled to be in music class.

Segment Synopsis: West finds her rewards in the success and joy that students find in her class. West is able to choose a funny story from many where the students came up with lyics to a song based on a theme she had explained. With all the joy she finds in teacher she explains she would not look for another career.

Keywords: funny moment

Subjects: Teaching Rewards; career change

00:26:42 - Mentor

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Partial Transcript: Well, definitely have sorta formula. I ask a question usually to start a lesson.

Segment Synopsis: West describes the intelligence of the person who had the most impact on her and how they have influenced her as a teacher who encourages interaction and thoughtfulness..

Keywords: motivating students

00:31:14 - Challenges

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Partial Transcript: I need to find a way to make friends with myself. In the classroom I am immediately confronted with 26 to 35 sometimes 60... conflicting sets of possible interpretations of what might be happening.

Segment Synopsis: West describes how she realizes she can sometimes lose herself in her students narratives while she is teaching.

Keywords: competitive; inservice teachers; professional development

00:34:25 - Mentoring

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Partial Transcript: I feel like I am particularly well suited to counsel teachers in the thick of it as they are struggling with their own self critique.

Segment Synopsis: West feels as if she is helpful in mentoring since she has dealt with her own insecurities. She also shares how a student mentored to her as they shared a moment of creative freedom.