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Interview with Mary McGowan, January 24, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:33 - Demographic

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Partial Transcript: The community is primarily is African American. The county as a whole we serve students of various backgrounds.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan gives a breakdown of the demographic of her school in which she teaches.

Keywords: Addison Middle School; Clayton County; Rex, Georgia

00:02:34 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: When I was in fourth grade I started what we called arranging music.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses her childhood path toward becoming a music teacher.

00:03:38 - First Day Teaching

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Partial Transcript: I was a teaching at a middle school. The middle school was directly across the street the criminal court building and the city jail.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses the obstacles she had to overcome on her first day of teaching in a challenging environment.

00:05:53 - Teaching Different than Expected

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Partial Transcript: Yes. It's very different. When I was a student there was more of a sense of community.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses how much baggage students carry now in comparison to students of the past. She also shares how she would have advise herself not to take her first job.

Keywords: abuse; homelessness; responsibilites

00:10:34 - Quality of Teaching Preparation

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Partial Transcript: I can say on the liberal arts end, I had an excellent liberal arts education.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses the effectiveness of her education - the strengths of the arts programs and weaknesses found in the preparation of managing classes.

Keywords: New Orleans; alternative certification program

00:13:44 - Why Teaching

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Partial Transcript: I love teaching.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses how she initially became a teacher to be available for her children but her love for teaching and music has kept her teaching.

00:16:00 - Why do Others Leave

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Partial Transcript: This to me is a profession but it's also a calling. It's kind of like a ministry.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses the obstacles that teachers must overcome in order to be effective teachers.

Keywords: administration

00:18:13 - Teaching Challenges

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Partial Transcript: Parents. I've had parents to come in and be very supportive. I've had some parents to come in and want to fight me.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan discusses some of the biggest challenges that she has had to deal with including lack of parental support and lack of resources.

Keywords: apathy; life skills; soft skills

00:21:24 - Proud Moments

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Partial Transcript: I've had a student with the talent development program to go places that I could only imagine going as a student.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan shares the successes of her students including a student who had to learn to play trumpet with the non-dominant hand. She also discusses one of her funniest moment.

Keywords: animal husbandry

00:26:03 - Teaching Style

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Partial Transcript: I use a lot of humor. I use a bit of sarcasm but not ill intended.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan describes how she uses humor to teach but also ensures that her students learn.

00:30:25 - A Student's Story

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Partial Transcript: For all intents and purposes he would cut up in class.

Segment Synopsis: McGowan shares the story of a student whom she had shown compassion who later intervened when she found herself in a difficult situation.

Keywords: Snack Attack