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Interview with Myra Rhoden, January 27, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:12 - Early days as a teacher

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Partial Transcript: Dr. Rhoden, how long have you been teaching?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Rhoden describes the high school where she has worked most of her career. She talks about coming from a family of teachers. She talks about her first job where she taught general music as well as a voluntary band class after school. She talks about how, other than the amount of paperwork, the profession is close to what she expected as a student. She talks about the importance for younger teachers to ask for help.

Keywords: Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Fayette County High School; Fayetteville, Georgia; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Westlawn Middle School; band directors; beginners; desegregation; flute; general music; middle class; student teaching; suburban; trumpet

00:07:14 - Teacher preparation / proud moments

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Partial Transcript: And what can you say about the quality of your teacher preparation?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Rhoden talks about the positive experience of her teacher preparation. She talks about staying with the profession because of the children. She describes the problems many young teachers have of expecting instant success in the job as well as adjusting to limited resources. She talks about feeling proud to see certain students succeed at a high level and having a group enjoy performing without any rewards or ratings.

Keywords: Carrollton, Georgia; Columbus State University; Columbus, Georgia; D.M.A.; Doctor of Musical Arts; Doctorate; GMEA; Georgia Music Educators Association; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; LGPE; Large Group Performance Evaluation; Superior Ratings; USM; University of Southern Mississippi; University of West Georgia; administration; honor band; jazz band; marching band; mentorship; student teaching

00:13:06 - Highs and lows of the job

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Partial Transcript: What have been some of the most challenging moments of your career?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Rhoden talks about the challenge of dealing with difficult parents. She talks about the passion and effort parents put into getting an auditorium built for her current school. She talks about encouraging humor from her students and being able to laugh at herself.

Keywords: AMEA; Alabama Music Educators Association; MPA; Mardi Gras; Montgomery, Alabama; Music Performance Assessment; auditoriums; band boosters; band camp; band directors; budgets; fundraisers; marching band; music education; parents; “festival”

00:19:42 - Teaching style / professional development

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Partial Transcript: Have you ever thought about changing your career?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Rhoden talks about the potential for a busier schedule and lower quality talent that keeps her from pursuing a college position. She talks about teaching with fairness and high expectations. She talks about learning from her fifth grade teacher the ability to have students respect her and each other. She describes how her students tend to mirror her, whether stressed or relaxed. She talks about the benefits of attending the Midwest Clinic whenever possible. She talks about unknowingly mentoring someone and leaving a lasting impact on them.

Keywords: D.M.A.; Doctor of Musical Arts; Doctorate; GMEA; Georgia Music Educators Association; LGPE; Large Group Performance Evaluation; The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference; Tuskegee, Alabama; college professors; marching band; mentorship; schedules

00:25:42 - Learning from students / Athena Music and Leadership Camp

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Partial Transcript: And then last question: when you think about all the students you’ve had over the years

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Rhoden talks about a student who seemed to dislike marching band but then went on to join the military as a trombonist. She describes the Athena Music and Leadership Camp, which she created as a camp for girls interested in becoming band directors and better musicians. She talks about the focus on building their self esteem in an all-female environment as well as the activities provided at the camp.

Keywords: 116th United States Army Band; ASO; All-State; Athena Music and Leadership Camp; Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Carrollton, Georgia; Reinhardt University; St. Cloud State University; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Tuskegee, Alabama; University of West Georgia; Waleska, Georgia; all girls; chamber music; conducting; drum circles; high school; honor band; marching band; middle school; military band; music camp; music theory; orchestra; recitals; self esteem; trombone