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Interview with Chelsea Rhoades, January 27, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:15 - Early days as a music teacher

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Partial Transcript: And I'd like to start by asking: how long have you been teaching?

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades describes the high school where she teaches as well as her journey to music education. She talks about the mix of emotions during her first day and the challenge of replacing a popular teacher.

Keywords: Dallas, Georgia; GMEA; John Odom; North Paulding High School; chorus; classroom management; music appreciation; music theory; teacher training

00:06:31 - Why teachers leave the profession

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Partial Transcript: I said a moment ago, I guess somewhat jokingly, but not so much so

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades talks about her students being the major reason she has remained a teacher. She talks about the difficulties of working under Common Core Standards and dealing with politics in the workplace. She talks about music being a higher level subject to teach compared to others.

Keywords: Common Core State Standards Initiative; PLC; burnout; high schoolers; music education; professional learning community; teacher training

00:10:45 - Teacher evaluation

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Partial Transcript: Well just kind of continuing on in that vein a little bit more

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades discusses the changes in the teacher evaluation system since the start of her career. She talks about her support for holding teachers to certain standards.

Keywords: LKES; Leader Keys Effectiveness System; PDP; TKES; Teacher Keys Effectiveness System; professional development plan; supervised lessons; walkthroughs

00:13:24 - Highs and lows in the job

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about one of your proudest moments as a music teacher.

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades talks about the pride she felt leading her students in the performance of a difficult piece. She talks about the struggles of dealing with entitled attitudes from both kids and parents. She talks about maintaining a lighthearted spirit in her classroom.

Keywords: Chorus; Dallas, Georgia; GMEA; James Mulholland; Missa Romantica; entitlement; helicopter parents

00:18:25 - Career change / Teaching style

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Partial Transcript: Have you ever thought about changing your career?

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades talks about the lack of compensation for the many hours required off the clock. She describes her unpredictable and supportive teaching style. She talks about learning from her favorite teacher the balance between connecting with one’s students and holding them to a high standard.

Keywords: annual reviews; choral; high school chorus; school administration

00:23:48 - Motivating students / Learning from students

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Partial Transcript: How do you motivate your students? I know we hear that word

Segment Synopsis: Rhoades talks about offering a variety of lessons and competitions to motivate her class. She talks about mentoring both students and professional colleagues in teaching music. She talks about learning to be more compassionate and to push her students when she knows they have more to give.

Keywords: burnout; competition; high schoolers; mentoring; mentorship; motivation; music education