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Interview with Teresa Granger, February 28, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:20 - Early days of teaching music

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Partial Transcript: When and why did you become a music teacher?

Segment Synopsis: Granger talks about her high school choral director who inspired her to become a music teacher. She talks about the hectic nature of being an itinerant teacher at the beginning of her career. She talks about preparing for middle school during her student teaching but having to adapt when there were no middle school positions available. She describes how she would have benefited in her first year from having more positivity and patience.

Keywords: B.M.; Bachelor of Music - Choral Music Education; Bachelor of Music - Vocal Performance; Bogart, Georgia; Furman University; Greenville, South Carolina; K-8; Rocky Branch Elementary School; advanced chorus; choral directors; curriculum; elementary school; girls chorus; high school chorus; itinerant teachers; kindergarten; middle school; mixed chorus; music specialist; rhythm instruments; student teaching; traveling teachers; voice

00:04:11 - Teacher training / benefits and challenges

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Partial Transcript: What comments or suggestions could you make regarding the quality of your teacher training?

Segment Synopsis: Granger talks about how despite excellent training in musicianship, her college program was lacking in terms of preparation for teaching. She talks about the passion for teaching that’s kept her in the profession as well as the lack of stamina that causes others to leave. She talks about the challenge of teaching at a Catholic school as a non-Catholic.

Keywords: Carl Orff; Catholic church; Catholic schools; Catholicism; Furman University; Greenville, South Carolina; Kodály concept; Kodály method; Louisville, Kentucky; Orff Schulwerk; UGA; University of Georgia; Zoltán Kodály; choral methods; elementary methods; elementary music methods; music education; public schools; workshops

00:08:12 - Teaching style

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about a time when music teaching made you feel hopeful.

Segment Synopsis: Granger describes feeling hopeful when former students continue to pursue music in middle school and high school. She talks about funny moments of mispronunciation from her students. She talks about her fun and organized teaching style. She talks about taking inspiration from her social studies teacher and choral director to teach with lively enthusiasm.

Keywords: GMEA; GMEA All-State Reading Chorus; Georgia Music Educators Association; Oconee County; auditions; band; choral directors; chorus; classroom management; conferences; elementary school; high school; middle school; sight-reading; social studies

00:12:50 - Professional development / mentorship

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Partial Transcript: How do you motivate your students?

Segment Synopsis: Granger talks about motivating students by expressing genuine interest in their lives. She talks about the importance for teachers to stay informed on the latest developments in technology. She describes her experiences in mentoring, which included helping non-music teachers. She describes how students have taught her to be more carefree.

Keywords: Clarke County, Georgia; Kodály concept; Kodály method; Orff Schulwerk; Teacher Support Specialist; administration; classroom management; high-poverty schools; motivating students; motivation; poverty; practicum students; professional development; student teaching; teacher certification; teaching certification; technology