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Interview with Timothy Adams, Sr.

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:43 - Teacher Origin

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Partial Transcript: And I figured if it sound good for him it sound good for me so I decided when I got up to age I was going to play the saxaphone.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how he followed in the footsteps of his musically talented family. He also discusses his ambition as a new band director.

Keywords: 1959; band director

00:01:13 - Teaching Expectations

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Partial Transcript: In some ways, especially in band. Now we do a lot of marching.

Segment Synopsis: Adams feels that teachers need to slow down in their teaching to makes sure the students get a good foundation. He also discusses how well his college prepared him for teaching.

Keywords: Chicago

00:04:54 - Why Stay in Teaching

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Partial Transcript: I have passion, compassion for what I'm doing.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how much he enjoys teaching. He also shares why he thinks teachers get frustrated with teaching.

00:06:17 - Proud Moment

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Partial Transcript: Every graduation for 37 years when I see those students cross that stage and get that degree.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses the pride he feels for his successful students.

00:07:19 - Challenging Moments

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Partial Transcript: Some of them (students) didn't want to put out as much as I wanted them to put out.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how hard to worked to ensure that his students were successful even the ones that needed extra encouragement.

00:08:00 - Hopeful Future

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Partial Transcript: We have now All State bands and District Bands.When I was coming up we only had one All State Band, now we have two.

Segment Synopsis: Adams notes the growth in the number of bands. He also discussed his concerns about the growing number of bands.

00:09:00 - Funniest

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Partial Transcript: When a student comes to me and say, Mr. Adams, you made my day.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how students would come into his room nervous until they see his funny quotes on the wall.He also shares a few funny stories that happened to him throughout his teaching years.

00:13:57 - Teaching Style

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Partial Transcript: I'm slow and firm.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how he takes his time in teaching.

00:14:31 - Mentor

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Partial Transcript: The best teacher I ever had he's still alive. He is 94 years old. .

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses the logistical and racial difficulties that his mentor had to overcome in order to teach.

Keywords: state aid

00:16:48 - Motivating Students

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Partial Transcript: I was told to be firm and don't smile until Christmas. I didn't smile until 36 years later.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how he guided his students with a firm hand to keep them focused and on the path to success.

00:20:16 - Fresh Habits

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Partial Transcript: I attend all the seminars I can get to.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses how he attending seminars keeps him motivated. He also discusses how mentoring others is considered an obligation.

Keywords: Chicago; Live arrangement; banquet

00:23:51 - Guidance

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Partial Transcript: He told the class find yourself a community and build yourself a kingdom.

Segment Synopsis: Adams discusses a speaker that helped him to decide where he was going to teach.