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Interview with Benita Gladney, November 12, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:02 - Early days as a music teacher

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Partial Transcript: So tell me when and why did you become a music teacher?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Gladney talks about knowing at an early age that she was meant to teach music. She talks about the challenge of teaching nine different grade levels in Chicago’s K-8 school system. She describes how she would have benefited from having more preparation for classroom management and working with limited resources during her first year. She talks about how teachers could be better trained for the differences between rural and urban schools.

Keywords: B.M.; Bachelor of Music Education; Carbondale, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; Howard University; K-8; M.M.; Master of Music Education; Southern Illinois University; Washington, D.C.; advanced band; band directors; classroom management; conducting; elementary school; general music; guitar; high school; high school band; inner city; intermediate band; lessons plans; piano; politics; recorders; resources; rural; student teaching; teacher training; urban; workshops

00:06:47 - Highs and lows of teaching

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Partial Transcript: Why have you stayed in teaching?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Gladney talks about the joy of teaching kids to understand the music they like. She describes the lack of support from parents and administration that causes teachers to leave. She talks about getting more enjoyment out of her students’ excitement for performances than the performances themselves.

Keywords: K-12; administration; band; classroom management; concerts; festivals; general music; music education; parents; performances; resources; strings; vocal music

00:12:46 - Teaching style / motivating students

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Partial Transcript: You ever thought about changing your career?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Gladney talks about her dedication to a career in music education. She describes her firm, but caring teaching style. She talks about the importance of making one’s classroom as engaging for the students as possible. She tells a story about a self-motivated group of students who chose to practice during a rare day off.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; D.M.A.; Doctor of Musical Arts - Music Education; English; UGA; University of Georgia; professors

00:16:56 - Professional development / mentorship

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Partial Transcript: And what has helped you to develop as a music teacher

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Gladney talks about finding value in any musical topic when it comes to attending professional development events. She talks about helping a student teacher translate his musical knowledge through practical, effective teaching methods. She talks about learning from a student the importance of staying informed on the latest technological advancements in one’s field.

Keywords: MIDI; Sibelius; band; band sessions; choir sessions; conferences; jazz sessions; music theory; seminars; student teaching; supervisory teacher; technology; workshops