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Interview with Tatiana Anthony, February 28, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:26 - Introductions / Anthony's reaction to her brother's diagnosis

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Partial Transcript: What is your brother's name and how old is he?

Segment Synopsis: Interview begins with a basic introduction of Anthony and her brother Jacob, who is diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Anthony reveals how her brother's diagnosis initially effected her and her family. Anthony gives details about how her family accommodates Jacob's needs by learning sign language to communicate, as Jacob is nonverbal.

Keywords: ASD (autism spectrum disorder); College; Dependency; Disability; Motor skills; Nonverbal

00:08:36 - Jacob's daily routine / Jacob's habits and preferences

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Partial Transcript: Could you describe a typical day in life with your little brother?

Segment Synopsis: Anthony gives a run-down of Jacob's day. She gives insight into Jacob's habits, specifically his dislike of typical activities such as getting dressed and putting on seat belts. She comments Jacob's newfound interest in flipping through pages, which she interprets as a sign that Jacob might later develop writing skills.

Keywords: SNP (Special Needs Program); entertainment; motor skills; publicity; recreational activities; tantrums

00:14:40 - Dealing with frustration / Financial aspects of Jacob's condition

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Partial Transcript: What was one of the most frustrating moments you've ever had to deal with with Jacob?

Segment Synopsis: Anthony explains how she confronts Jacob's frustration which is caused by his lack of ability to communicate. In concerning Jacob's future plans, Anthony reveals the ambiguity surrounding Jacob's condition, as his "degree" of autism has yet to be determined since he is still a toddler. Anthony acknowledges the financial and social weight placed on her and the family due to Jacob's needs. Anthony concludes the interview by explaining how her mother addresses Jacob's tantrums in public places.

Keywords: dependence; finances; frustration; future plans; parenting; socializing