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Interview with Cedric Huff (Amun-Ra), December 17, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:22 - Youth in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Um, so, we're just gonna dive...

Segment Synopsis: Cedric Amun Huff, born and raised in Athens, GA, shares his several aliases. He recalls memories of his childhood and moving around Athens from a young age with his parents and younger brother.

Keywords: Forest Heights, Athens, GA; Jack R. Wells Public Housing (Pauldoe Community); Knottingham, Athens, GA; Oglethorpe County, GA; Pinewood Apartments; Stonehenge, Athens, GA; Tallassee Rd, Athens, GA

00:03:32 - Education in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Tell me a little more about...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses feeling that some teachers were prejudiced against black students, stating he still received a proper education, leading to his enrollment at Clark Atlanta University. He recalls being in a high school fraternity and other extracurricular activities.

Keywords: Alps Road Elementary; Athens, GA; Barrow Elementary; Clarke Central High School; Clarke Middle School; East Athens Elementary; Oglethorpe Elementary; Russell H. Studevan

00:10:49 - Middle and High School Crews

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Partial Transcript: Let's, uh, let's dive into, when did...

Segment Synopsis: Huff recalls growing up with and experiencing the hip-hop scene, getting more involved in creating music closer to his teenage years. He recalls forming hip-hop crews in school before working solo.

Keywords: Aretha Louise Franklin; Arrested Development; Athens, GA; B-Boys in Effect; Clarke Middle School; Demetrius Lester; Gainesville, GA; George Edward Clinton; James Ambrose Johnson Jr (Rick James); Jermaine Dupri Mauldin; John Douglas; Khary Payton; Marcus Barrow; Rapper's Delight; Rockers Incorporated; Silk Tymes Leather; The Brothers Johnson; The Sugarhill Gang; WUOG; Yvette Marie Stevens (Chaka Khan)

00:16:15 - Working Solo/Hip-Hop in College

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Partial Transcript: Didn't, um, I remember...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses an article in Athens Banner Herald on his high school crew that led to the management of David Kid, recording a demo with Jermaine Dupri. He recalls several artists he performed and rehearsed with after moving to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University.

Keywords: Arrested Development; Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; B Angie B; B-Boys in Effect; Cameron Gipp (Big Gipp); Clarke Central High School; Dungeon Family; Gainesville, GA; Goodie Mob (East Point Chain Gang); Jermaine Dupri Mauldin; Marcus Barrow; Outkast; Rico Wade; Silk Tymes Leather; TLC; Xscape

00:20:34 - Hip Hop in Athens

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Partial Transcript: You've done a lot in hip hop.

Segment Synopsis: Huff feels that hip hop in Athens grew after he left, although there were artists that inspired him while he was in high school. He recalls being able to record at his friends' houses. Huff opines that Athens has so much unrecognized talent because of its location outside of Atlanta.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; Bruce Chambers; Clark Atlanta University; Clarke Central High School; Full Moon Studio; Jason Farris Brown (Colt Ford); Kevin Terrell; Willie Wester

00:25:10 - Hip hop in College Pt. 2

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so, let's - okay, you graduate from ...

Segment Synopsis: Huff details the timeline of his music career in transitioning from high school to college. He shares his college experience of forming a new crew, OCP. He left school and got involved in underground music.

Keywords: Atlanta, GA; Clark Atlanta University; Clarke Central High School; David Kid; Dosta Crew; East Point Chain Gang (Goodie Mob); Jermaine Dupri; Jonathan Smith (Lil Jon); Music to Time Travel To; Organized Noise (UBoys); Outkast; Valdosta, GA; Wu-Tang Clan; Xscape

00:32:35 - Leaving Atlanta

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so, moving on...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses moving to Detroit, being supported by his manager, and getting a deal with Missing Link Records. He returned to Athens after a major show with some top influential hip hop artists and got married. He shares memories of his time on the land of Dr. York and his involvement in the ministries.

Keywords: Crucial Conflict; Detroit, Michigan; Dwight D. York (Malachi Z. York); Fayetteville, NC; Marvin Lawrence Winans; Priesthood of Melchizedek; Run-DMC; Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z); Tha Alkaholiks; The Ancient Egyptian Order; The Holy Tabernacle Ministries

00:37:21 - Influences and Independent Work

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Partial Transcript: I started implementing...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses the impact of his involvement in the ministries on his music, leading to his independent work as an artist with his wife. He later began working with a friend from OCP and released his single "Competition." He mentions those he connected with in the Athens hip-hop scene.

Keywords: Athens, GA; hip-hop; rap music

00:40:20 - Family Life

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Partial Transcript: It comes from a family of entrepreneurs...

Segment Synopsis: Huff shares the lessons learned from his family and their private businesses and how that impacted his music career. He discusses the experience of helping run a black owned business in Athens. Huff explains his studies of Islam and how it has developed his understanding of the community.

Keywords: The Autobiography of Malcolm X ; Athens, GA; Crab in the Barrel Syndrome (CBS); Louis Farrakhan Sr.; Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. ONH; Willie Lynch Syndrome; discrimination; segregation

00:48:27 - Progression of Music into 2010

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Partial Transcript: You link back up with Top Cat....

Segment Synopsis: After reconnecting with Top Cat, Huff released the album "Let There be Light." He shares his philosophy of recording and performing his music, attempting to enlighten his audience, particularly people of color. Huff discusses the path of his music with his second wife Alexis Charles, as well as other musical artists.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Brooklyn, NY; Egyptology; Ghetto Shaman; Islam; Royal Immortals

00:56:51 - Trip to Egypt

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Partial Transcript: Didn't you go to Egypt?

Segment Synopsis: Huff details his and his wife's trip to Egypt, where they recorded his video "Back to Pyramids."

Keywords: Sphinx Temple; Temple of Aset (Temple of Isis)

01:00:54 - Musical Content

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so, when people see you perform...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses carrying his staff to portray his energy and explains the significance of the gemstones and crystals. He opines that the knowledge of African ancestry has the ability to greatly aid the community, which is part of what he tries to teach through his music.

Keywords: Hip-hop; reincarnation; slavery; spirituality

01:05:42 - Influential Artists and Family Life

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Partial Transcript: What is hip-hop?

Segment Synopsis: Huff shares the importance of hip-hop in his life, declaring that hip-hop culture is a continuation African ancestry. He lists several influential artists, old and new. Huff also discusses the musical interests of his children and how he chooses to raise them.

Keywords: Pop music; Rap music; Rappers; religion

01:09:51 - Changing the Community

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Partial Transcript: So, let me ask you...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses how the University of Georgia has impacted Athens and his personal life in experiences on the campus. He explains the different learning experiences of white and black students and why he chose to attend a historically black university. Huff opines ways to improve the community and government systems.

Keywords: 2008 United States presidential election; Africa; Athens, Ga; Athens-Clarke County; Barack Hussein Obama II; Civil Rights Movement; Clark Atlanta University; Michael L. Thurmond; Racism; University of Georgia (UGA); politics

01:17:23 - Racial Inequality

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Partial Transcript: Um, let's deal with this...

Segment Synopsis: Huff discusses his reasoning for black men being the enemy, declaring that it's because of their dominate genes and ability to overcome the Caucasian race.

Keywords: African Americans; Athens, GA; Cherokee; Equality; Frances Luella Welsing; Genetic Annihilation; Native Americans; White supremacy; segregation

01:21:19 - Hip-hop in Athens pt. 2

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, I mean and this...

Segment Synopsis: Huff explains why he feels he is not as well known in Athens hip-hop, including the age difference and his leaving Athens for a short period of time. He discusses the divide between local Athens hip-hop and hip-hop from UGA's campus. Huff shares the experience of performing in Athens and constantly being drawn back.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Hip-hop culture; Tasty World; The 40 Watt Club; University of Georgia (UGA)