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Interview with Jason Richardson, May 18, 2019

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:20 - Growing up in Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Talk a little bit about where you grew up...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson recalls his experience growing up in Waynesboro, Georgia. Richardson explains that he was interested in bands including Nirvana and Black Sabbath and eventually got a drum set at the age of fourteen. Richardson explains that, after leaving Georgia Southern University, he started to play drums for bands around Georgia. Richardson recalls that he eventually moved to Athens, Georgia as the area was a musical center at the time.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; Black Sabbath; Georgia Southern University; Nirvana; Waynesboro, Georgia

00:06:45 - Joining Exit 86

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Partial Transcript: Yah, so you moved to Athens, did you know anybody...

Segment Synopsis: Jason recalls the process through which he came to play for bands in Athen. Jason explains that he eventually got a job playing in a band called Exit 86 as a drummer during 1998. Jason states that he also became the drummer for another band called Donkey Punch. Jason talks about the demand for drummers around Athens and the notoriety of Athenian bands such as Widespread Panic and R.E.M.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; Augusta, Georgia; Daniel Ray; Exit 86; I Wanna Be Sedated; Justin Wilkins; R.E.M; The Dump

00:13:13 - Touring experiences

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Partial Transcript: Started out with Exit 86 and by the end...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson talks about the process through which he became the drummer of Donkey Punch, after the previous drummer had failed to maintain good performance tempo. Richardson talks about about his experience touring with Donkey Punch. Richardson recalls some of the struggles of playing for two bands. Richardson talks about his performance experience and compares playing at different venues.

Keywords: Donkey Punch; Exit 86; The Lunch Paper; Tight Pockets Athens, Georgia; touring

00:20:58 - House concerts

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Partial Transcript: But there always seemed to be...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson compares the experience of playing at house concerts versus public venues. Richardson talks about the monetary aspects of performance, and he emphasizes the charitable nature of audience members at house concerts. Richardson explains the origin of the Athens performance venue Tight Pockets, along with some of the now famous bands that played there.

Keywords: Against Me!; Hancock and Pope; Tight Pockets; house concerts

00:27:41 - House concerts (con.) / Making recordings

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Partial Transcript: That's the other difference between house shows...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson explains that many house shows ended early to allow consideration for both surrounding neighbors and audience members. Richardson talks about some of the recordings made of his bands he played in including Exit 86, The Dump, and Donkey Punch. Richardson describes the pressure of recording.

Keywords: Chase Park Transduction; Exit 86; House concert; Slop Fest

00:33:47 - Recording experience (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: And as you're sitting there, playing a song...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson talks about his tendency to avoid musical risk while recording an album. Richardson details how making albums forces musicians to understand the intricacies of what makes good music. Richardson describes how listening to his recordings often cause him to notice mistakes.

Keywords: Donkey Punch; critique; recording

00:40:27 - Record release challenges

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Partial Transcript: A guy who, I won't say the name of the band...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer talks about the stress that comes along with recording a song. Richardson talks about the recording process of the Rolling Stones hit Start Me Up. Richardson talks about some of the challenges that prevent bands from releasing a record.

Keywords: Chase Park; Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones; The Dumps; The Minute Man; The Rolling Stones; recording

00:47:23 - Savagist

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Partial Transcript: There's even some examples where...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer talks about some of the tactics employed by musicians to keep the listener's attention in an audio record. Richardson recalls the inspiration behind one of his latest bands, Savagist. Richardson explains that Savagist was a band created as a musical challenge, as each of the members possess different playing styles. Richardson talks about the message behind many of the band's lyrics.

Keywords: Clem Adams; Exit 86; Savagist; The Dump; chords; recording; scales

00:54:34 - Touring with Savagist

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, the time signature stuff...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson talks about some of the challenges he faced while playing as the drummer for Savagist. Richardson recalls that Savagist toured considerably more than any other band he worked for. Richardson talks about some of the frustrations he faced while touring, and explains how age often made touring less enjoyable.

Keywords: Motorhead; Savagist; Touring

01:01:24 - Savagist- labels and recordings

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Partial Transcript: And with me having a hospital job...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson reminisces about some of the touring he did on the east coast as the drummer of Savagist. Richardson talks about a label Savagist made with a Canadian recording studio, and a release by the band made on Spotify.

Keywords: Savagist; Spotify; Steve Miller

01:08:48 - Savagist breaks up / Mandible Rider

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Partial Transcript: How long did Savagist stay together?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson talks about how his band, Savagist eventually split up due to family conflict and other life events. Richardson talks about the sacrifices he made for his musical career and how the split of Savagist left him feeling lost for a period of time. Richardson talks about how he and Steve Miler created a two-man band called Mandible Rider and the challenges innate to a two-player band.

Keywords: Clem Adams; Mandible Rider; Savagist; Steve Miller

01:16:26 - Challenges of a two-man band

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Partial Transcript: So that's been the fun part about Mandible Riders...

Segment Synopsis: Richardson talks about some of the challenges of playing in a band with two people. Richardson talks about the importance of the drummer as a band member. Richardson explains his wish to display originality in his songwriting process.

Keywords: Mandible Riders; originality