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Interview with Rob Veal, October 4, 2018

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:14 - Growing up in Athens, GA

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Partial Transcript: I just want to start by asking you when...

Segment Synopsis: Veal describes his childhood as someone born and raised in Athens, Georgia. Veal recalls that Athens was more commercially-based as opposed to a city with a prominent music center. Veal explains that, near the age of thirteen, he discovered he had a liking for music.

Keywords: 2001 (movie); Athens, Georgia; Athens-Clarke County; Cedar Shoals High School

00:06:55 - First concert experience

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Partial Transcript: But she was getting rid of all her worldly positions...

Segment Synopsis: Veal recalls how his mother's old records inspired his interest in the music scene of Athens. Veal describes her experience watching one of R.E.M's early shows in Athens. Veal explains that many of the bands that played in Athens were performed with the intention of encouraging people to dance.

Keywords: Abbey Road; R.E.M; Secret Agent Man; The Beatles; The Monkees; Yellow Submarine

00:14:56 - First Band / Widespread Panic

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Partial Transcript: Take us through, you're graduating from high school...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about joining his first band called The Other Soon shortly after graduating high school. Veal recalls his experience playing as an organist at venues such as the 40-Watt Club in 1983. Veal describes watching Widespread Panic for the first time.

Keywords: 40 Watt Club; Paul Thomas; The Other Soon; Widespread Panic; high school

00:20:46 - Widespread Panic (cont.) / La-Di-Das

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Partial Transcript: They were really, only like...

Segment Synopsis: Veal recalls how Widespread Panic's early performances were regularly hosted in venues around Athens, Georgia. Veal explains that he joined the La-Di-Das around 1986 after seeing them play at the Uptown Lounge. Veal describes his first impressions of the band, as he claims their songwriting was fantastic though their performance was lacking.

Keywords: Bob Dylan; Widespread Panic

00:27:14 - La-Di-Das / Working with Victor Chesnutt

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Partial Transcript: Well, I think I play three shows with them...

Segment Synopsis: Veal describes playing for the La-Di-Das throughout the mid 1980's in Athens as a drummer. Veal talks about the writing talent of James Victor Chesnutt, who was the lyrical writer for the band. Veal recalls that Chesnutt was also very talented musically, and could play a variety of instruments.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Athens, Georgia; Buffalo Springfield "Burned"; James Victor Chesnutt; La-Di-Das; Vic Chesnutt

00:35:05 - Working with Victor Chesnutt (cont.) / Leaving college

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Partial Transcript: It's funny you bring it up...

Segment Synopsis: Veal recalls the songwriting process of Victor Chesnutt, who Veal describes as an amazing songwriter. Veal talks about his decision to drop out of college around 1986. Veal explains that he instead received employment at a restaurant called The Grill, located in Athens, Georgia.

Keywords: James Victor Chesnutt; The Grill

00:42:42 - Living in Athens, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Eventually Mike Gibson, Mike had been living...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about his attempts to form bands throughout the late 1980's. Veal recalls a particular house in Athens which commonly hosted a variety of wild parties throughout the 1980's. Veal explains that his friend, Mike Gibson, eventually moved to Athens and became the guitarist for The Boom Chasers.

Keywords: Erick Carter; Erik Philips; Mike Gibson; The Boom Chasers

00:49:12 - Joining the Dashboard Saviors

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Partial Transcript: We actually made a recording because a friend...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about a recording made of his band, The Dashboard Saviors, during the late 1980's. Veal describes some of the disagreements among band members during the recording process. Veal recalls his performance experience as a member of the band during the early 1990's

Keywords: 8-track machine; The Dashboard Saviors

00:57:14 - Playing for the Dashboard Saviors

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Partial Transcript: The first one, I guess it came out in '92...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about later recordings made of The Dashboard Saviors during the early 1990's. Veal recalls how the Dashboard Saviors performed in many venues all around the country. Veal recalls that though performing was a great experience, it was not a reliable source of income. Veal recalls the importance of cover songs in performances as a method of effectively relating to an audience.

Keywords: Born to Be Wild; Steppenwolf; The Dashboard Saviors; cover songs

01:04:10 - United States tours

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Partial Transcript: You guys did a lot of touring...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about his experience traveling on the road as a member of The Dashboard Saviors. Veal recalls some of their most memorable performances, which included playing at college towns. Veal describes an unforgettable experience performing for a town in New Mexico.

Keywords: Bellingham, Washington; New Mexico; The Continental Drifters

01:11:27 - Recording in Germany

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Partial Transcript: We played South by Southwest, I guess...

Segment Synopsis: Veal recalls that the band, The Dashboard Saviors, was offered to make a recording in Germany. Veal states that the band also made additional recordings during their layover in London. Veal explains that the European culture had a strong interest in the arts, despite it's lack of monetary appeal.

Keywords: Germany; London; South-by-Southwest

01:19:55 - Touring in Germany

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Partial Transcript: Well, you know, Vic had asked me to do this...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about touring with the Dashboard Saviors around Europe during 1996. Veal compares his experience visiting Berlin, Germany as a teenager to touring as a member of the Dashboard Saviors. Veal describes more of his experiences touring around Germany and some of the technical challenges faced by the band.

Keywords: Berlin Wall; Europe; The Dashboard Saviors

01:26:59 - The Dashboard Saviors split

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Partial Transcript: I wish I was with those guys...

Segment Synopsis: Veal recalls the break-up of his band, The Dashboard Saviors, after the members were offered a contract with a European music company. Veal explains that the guitarist, Micheal Gibson, left the band in exchange for a regular income. Veal states that he was fine with the split, as he wanted to spend time with his friends and family. Veal recalls that he later proposed to his girlfriend while still in Europe.

Keywords: Michael Gibson; Paris; The 40-Watt Club

01:32:37 - After the split

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Partial Transcript: I'm going to have to wrap this up...

Segment Synopsis: Veal talks about some of his independent music projects after the break up of his band, The Dashboard Saviors. Veal recalls that he occasionally made recreational music with musicians around Athens.

Keywords: 4-track cassette; Dave Philips; Todd McBride