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Interview with Rick Stanziale, James Greer, and Joe Eldridge, November 2, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:12 - Stanziale's introduction to music and skateboarding

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Partial Transcript: And Rick, let's start with you...

Segment Synopsis: Rick Stanziale talks about his first introduction to skateboarding and rock music. Stanziale shares how he came to skate in Athens in 1982. Stanziale recalls joining the band, The Problem Children. Stanziale talks about the lackluster popularity of The Problem Children.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; B-52's; Neon Christ; Porn Orchard; Problem Children; The Black Flag; The Plague; rock music; skateboard

00:08:01 - Greer's introduction to punk rock and skateboarding

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Partial Transcript: How about you, James?

Segment Synopsis: James Greer recalls his brother's introduction to rock music and skateboarding, despite his southern upbringing. Greer describes the importance of magazines in keeping up with the respective communities. Greer talks about the fluctuation of popularity around skateboarding and punk rock during the 1990's.

Keywords: Thrasher Magazine; heavy metal; punk rock; skateboarding

00:15:08 - Greer and Punk music / Skating in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Were you able to play in any...

Segment Synopsis: Greer talks about the methods he used to listen to some of his favorite punk bands as a teenager growing up in a heavily religious household. Greer talks about some of the earliest concerts that he attended as a teenager, and the types of people he interacted with. Greer describes his introduction to skating in Athens.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; Black Flag; Elvo Clark; Minor Threat; The Ramones

00:22:30 - Athens skate parks

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Partial Transcript: Did anybody- there was never...

Segment Synopsis: Greer talks about the history of the skate park located in Athens, named SPOA. Greer recalls how the skate park was eventually torn down by the city of Athens, though it was rebuilt shortly after. Greer shares the origin of the new era of Athens skating in the late 90's with the skate park, Studio E. Greer talks about his experiences at Studio E.

Keywords: Elvo Clark; Jason Griffin; SPOA (Skate Park of Athens); Studio E; skateboarding contest

00:30:15 - Edridge's childhood interest

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Partial Transcript: That's how I met Jason Griffin...

Segment Synopsis: Eldridge talks about his introduction to biking and rock music. Eldridge explains how his neighbor introduced him to punk rock and his transition from BMX biking to skateboarding.

Keywords: ACDC; BMX; Jason Griffin; K.I.S.S; skateboarding

00:37:40 - Eldridge: Playing for bands / Returning to skating

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Partial Transcript: When I was 16, I had a bad wipeout...

Segment Synopsis: Eldridge describes a skateboarding accident he had at the age of 16, the severity of which led him to increase his focus on the Athens music scene during the late 1980's. Eldridge talks about his experience auditioning for bands as a bass player. Eldridge shares how he took a hiatus from skating, though started again once his children got into the sport.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; wipeout

00:44:28 - Band experiences

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Partial Transcript: Did I remember you skating...

Segment Synopsis: Eldridge describes some of his earliest attempts to practice at skate parks in Athens after his accident. Stanziale talks about his band, Problem Children, and the places that he performed. Greer talks about his earliest experiences playing in Athens.

Keywords: John Rogers; Porn Orchard; Problem Children

00:51:27 - Athen's punk scene / The disappearance of house parties

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Partial Transcript: So being in a band...

Segment Synopsis: Greer describes his first impressions of Jason Griffin, a prominent drummer in the Athens punk scene. Greer talks about the disappearance of house shows in Athens.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; House Shows; Jason Griffin

00:59:18 - Punk music scene (cont.) / Gentrification in Athens

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Partial Transcript: But I can see without...

Segment Synopsis: Greer talks about living with drummer Jason Griffin, and the ways it connected him to the Athens punk rock scene. Greer and Stanziale describe the impact of the Hope Scholarship and sequential gentrification of Athens. Greer explains what he believes are the reasons for change in the Athens music scene.

Keywords: Jason Griffin; Porn Orchard House; gentrification; punk rock

01:05:04 - Modern music creation / Band marketing methods

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Partial Transcript: I know I'm going to sound...

Segment Synopsis: Eldridge explains his belief that the internet has shortened the attention span of current youths, which he states has hindered the process of music creation. Greer describes some of the methods he used to promote communication among bands in the Athens music scene.

Keywords: Punk bands; house parties; internet

01:12:15 - Touring with Goat Shanty

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Partial Transcript: And then I saw, I saw Dead...

Segment Synopsis: Greer talks about his first impressions of the band Dead Kennedys. Greer explains how he became the singer for the band Goat Shanty and describes their European tour. Greer talks about some of his experiences with border patrol in the Czech Republic.

Keywords: Dead Kennedys; Goat Shanty; Jello Biafra

01:19:34 - Crack and Athens restaurants

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Partial Transcript: Rick, you want to talk a little bit...

Segment Synopsis: Stanziale recalls his experiences of the band, Crack. Stanziale reflects on one of the band members named Deonna Mann, and her contributions to the band Crack. Stanziale describes the ways in which restaurants contributed to the fostering of future bands in Athens.

Keywords: GyroWrap; Joey Tatem; Problem Children; Sam Vanilla; Steven Copp; The Grit

01:27:08 - Porn Orchard

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Partial Transcript: There's hundreds of thousands of...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer talks about the motivations and the work put into the Athens band Porn Orchard, and the ways in which it influenced the music scene.

Keywords: Barry Barler; Club Gaga; Dream so Real; Porn Orchard; Pylon; R.E.M; We Think You Suck (magazine)

01:35:15 - Skating in Athens / Building skate parks

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Partial Transcript: She wrote an advice column...

Segment Synopsis: Stanziale talks about the series of magazines he wrote about the Athens skating community. Eldrige relates a story from when he used to skate in Athens. The interviewees discuss the work that goes into building skate parks.

Keywords: ramps; skateboard park

01:42:08 - Skating and cultural influences

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Partial Transcript: The dumb thing was we built ...

Segment Synopsis: Stanziale talks about some of the skating contests held during the mid-80's. Eldridge recalls the impact that temporary skateparks had on the skating community, and the changes that occurred to the skating community over time with the introduction of concrete skate parks. The interviewees discuss the culture that developed from influence of both the skating and music communities of the 1980's.

Keywords: concrete skate parks; music; ramp