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Interview with Claire Horne, October 10, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:17 - Coming to Athens

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Partial Transcript: I'm going to start by asking...

Segment Synopsis: Claire Horne discusses moving from Atlanta to Athens as a freshman at the University of Georgia in 1983. She recalls her time in high school and interests in sports and music, as well as transitioning to life as a college freshman. Horne mentions the people she met through working for radio station WUOG.

Keywords: Arthur Johnson; Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; Craig Williams; Creswell; Davidson College; Elvis Costello; Laura Carter; Memorial Hall; Ramones; The Clash; University of Georgia (UGA); punk rock

00:06:13 - Starting Bar-B-Q Killers

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Partial Transcript: Um, tell me what Laura Carter...

Segment Synopsis: Horne shares memories of Laura Carter and comments on her personality. She explains the process of forming Bar-B-Q Killers by borrowing instruments after a photoshoot.

Keywords: Allen Wagner; Arthur Johnson; Athens, GA; David Judd; Kilkenny Cats; University of Georgia (UGA)

00:12:23 - Beginning to Play with Bar-B-Q Killers

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Partial Transcript: So, can you talk about...

Segment Synopsis: Horne talks about early years with Laura Carter, Arthur Johnson, and David Judd. She explains staying in school, but putting music before academics. Horne discusses developing musical interests in punk rock and new wave, noting influential artists and those coming up at the same time as Bar-B-Q Killers.

Keywords: Agora Ballroom; Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; British Punk; Elvis Costello; Kilkenny Cats; Love Tractor; Mark Williams; Mercyland; New York Dolls; Pylon; R.E.M.; Swimming Pool Cues; The B-52s; The Method Actors; Time Toy; WRAS; WUOG

00:19:28 - Early Kilkenny Cats/ Performing

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Partial Transcript: Arthur talked about being really...

Segment Synopsis: Horne discusses interests in Kilkenny Cats and the attraction of the band members. She details her own guitar playing and efforts of her fellow band members in Bar-B-Q Killers in practicing and performing.

Keywords: Allen Wagner; Arthur Johnson; David Judd; Haynes Collins; Laura Carter; Sean O’Brien; Tom Cheek; grunge; new wave; punk rock

00:28:04 - Touring with B-B-Que Killers

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk a bit about...

Segment Synopsis: Horne shares the significance of Athens, GA: Inside/Out and some of her favorite moments from the tour. She explains the process of touring with little to no money and making new friends.

Keywords: Arthur Johnson; Caribou; Enon; Flat Duo Jets; John Schmersal; Kilkenny Cats; Laura Carter

00:37:40 - Recording with B-B-Q Killers

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Partial Transcript: So, can you talk about, um...

Segment Synopsis: Horne discusses beginning to record with Twilight Records and John Keane Studios. She comments on Carter's personality and constructive criticisms.

Keywords: Athens, GA: Inside/Out; Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; David Barbe; Laura Carter; Mercy Land; Punk rock; grunge

00:43:17 - Touring with B-B-Q Killers pt. 2

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Partial Transcript: So, can you talk about other tours...

Segment Synopsis: Horne discusses touring the southern United States after releasing their record, traveling to New York for the New Music Festival, and a national van tour.

Keywords: Arthur Johnson; Athens, GA; Atlanta, GA; CBGB; David Judd; Dru Wilber; Kieth Landers; Laura Carter; Mercyland; New York, NY; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; Steve Albini; Times Square, New York, NY

00:51:16 - The End of the B-B-Q Killers/ Other Bands

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Partial Transcript: Sadly, you know, at the end...

Segment Synopsis: Horne details the tension created by Carter's drug use, followed by the fading of the band with a feeling of completion. She compliments several other bands from her time, such as Time Toy, Porn Orchard, and the Primates.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Bryan Cook; Buzz Hungry; Danny Cottar; David Barbe; David Judd; Jack'O'Nuts; Laura Carter; Mercyland; Paul Hammond; Rob McMahon

00:58:37 - Female Musicians

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Partial Transcript: So, any other things that...

Segment Synopsis: Horne discusses Carter's response to the harsh treatment she received at times and shares memories of her. She comments on the lack of female guitarists and the rare quality of the B-B-Q Killers' female members.

Keywords: Arthur Johnson; Athens, GA; Laura Carter; Oh-O.K.; Pixies