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Interview with Pat Shields, September 13, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:20 - Father's career / Growing up in Athens, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Well, we moved here...

Segment Synopsis: Shields talks about his father's job as a recreational director in Athens, Georgia. Shields describes his life growing up in the country of Athens and talks about the changes that took place over the years. Shields recalls some of the community events that were hosted in Athens.

Keywords: Chase Street Elementary School; Memorial Park; University of Georgia

00:07:10 - Getting into music

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Partial Transcript: I think we were probably in the third...

Segment Synopsis: Shields recalls his introduction to music, as his mother taught him to play simple guitar songs. Shields explains how he came to join an Elvis Presley imitation band in his youth. Shields describes his musical career as he primarily was the back-up guitar player for bands.

Keywords: Elvis Presley; Eugene Odum; Smiley Burnette

00:14:07 - The appeal of folk music

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Partial Transcript: And mama, for some reason...

Segment Synopsis: Shields talks about how he came to play a twelve string guitar as a teenager. Shields explains that he started to play folk music due to it's more feasible appeal as opposed to the commonly edited rock music of the 1970's.

Keywords: Doc Watson; Durden Music Store; folk music

00:21:34 - Leaving Berkeley Springs / Horse tours in Keyser

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Partial Transcript: Where did you live...

Segment Synopsis: Shields recalls how he came to play folk music in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia as he worked at the state park. Shields explains that he and his then girlfriend, Annie eventually moved to Keyser, WV, where they gave horse tours.

Keywords: Berkeley Springs, Virginia; Keyser West Virginia; folk music

00:28:59 - Working in Braxton County

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Partial Transcript: A little at a time the music...

Segment Synopsis: Shields explains that while in West Virginia, he mostly performed odd jobs before he became the coordinator of a music program in Braxton County, West Virginia. Shields recalls that he performed some of the old songs central to the culture of West Virginia as the coordinator.

Keywords: Braxton County, West Virginia; Keyser, West Virginia; Sutton, West Virginia

00:35:40 - The One Night Band

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Partial Transcript: He was just a real personable old man...

Segment Synopsis: Shields describes Melvin Whine, who was one of his favorite people to work with as a music education coordinator in West Virginia. Shields recalls some of the work he conducted as the coordinator, as he often interviewed old musicians from the community. Shields talks about how he came to create a folk band dubbed the One Night Band, composed of three members, including Shields.

Keywords: Buddy Griffin; Melvin Whine; One Night Band; The Robert Brothers

00:43:55 - The One Night Band / Sloan Stags

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Partial Transcript: We ended up at the Florida State...

Segment Synopsis: Shields recalls some of the performances made by his band, The One Night Band, which composed of brothers Ricky and Riley Roberts and Shields. Shields explains that the band eventually expanded to include another banjo along with the addition of a bass player. Sheilds talks about his impressions of a banjo player he worked with named Sloan Stags.

Keywords: Hampshire County, West Virginia; Hootin Hollarin Symphony; Ricky Roberts; Riley Roberts; Sloan Stags

00:50:13 - Musician interviews

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Partial Transcript: When you put the ringers out there...

Segment Synopsis: Pat Shields talks about the death of his friend Sloan Stags and his decision to interview Stags' son. Pat shares his wish to continue to archive the culture of West Virginia.

Keywords: Sloan Stags; West Virginia; interview

00:58:11 - Firefox Revival / Living in Australia

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Partial Transcript: Um, I left West Virginia in '81...

Segment Synopsis: Shields talks about the work he conducted at the folk-orientated program of Athens, Georgia called FoxFire Revival. Shields explains that he eventually moved to Australia where he observed the process of camel breaking and came to teach aboriginal kids English through folk music.

Keywords: Australia; Foxfire Revival; camels

01:06:15 - Teaching in Australia (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: The story is that...

Segment Synopsis: Shields talks about his experience teaching aboriginal kids music, and the impact of the guitar had on the culture of the Australian village he taught at. Shields explains that he eventually came to join a band called the Stitch Rippers and even performed in northern Ireland.

Keywords: Australia; Diesel and Smoke; Ireland; Joel Cortal; Sandy Creek Park; guitar

01:14:24 - Teaching mandolin

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Partial Transcript: He invited us with a half...

Segment Synopsis: Shields talks about his time performing in Ireland. Shields recalls how he came to teach the mandolin at Alabama Folk School and he describes the intricacies that make up folk playing.

Keywords: Alabama Folk School; The Mudkips

01:21:32 - Replicating original instruments

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Partial Transcript: And the tunes that they've jazzed up...

Segment Synopsis: Shields explains the appeal of "old time" music and the culture surrounding folk music playing. Shields talks about the commercialization of folk time instruments and a friend he knew who had the ability to replicate the design of original old folk instruments.

Keywords: bluegrass; instruments; mandolin