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Interview with Nick Bielli, July 17, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:11 - First instruments

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Partial Transcript: So, where'd you grow up?

Segment Synopsis: Bielli describes his experience with the guitar and bass as a child. Bielli talks about the instruments he owned as a child and teenager.

Keywords: Atlanta, Georgia; bass; guitar

00:07:31 - Learning to play bass

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Partial Transcript: Well I met him by the time...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli talks about his introduction to heavy metal rock and some of the bands he played in. Bielli describes the way in which he taught himself to play the bass by listening to records.

Keywords: Iron Maiden; Kevin Sweeney; Led Zeppelin

00:14:31 - Watching bands around Georgia

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Partial Transcript: What was it, there was a company...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli talks about the difficulties that accompany playing the bass. Bielli talks about some of the bands that he watched around his area as a young adult.

Keywords: Rich Gilmore; bass; playing

00:21:57 - Cult of the Destroyer God

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Partial Transcript: I think back to even in the mid-80's...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli describes the stigma centered around playing in a band during his childhood. Bielli talks about one of his earliest bands, Cult of the Destroyer God, and describes some of the band's performances. Bielli talk about how he came to play in Athens, Georgia.

Keywords: Cult of the Destroyer God; Love Tractor; R.E.M.; band; playing

00:28:31 - Athens culture

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Partial Transcript: The thing that's really funny...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli describes some of his performances in Athens with the band Hayride. Bielli explains the culture of Athens throughout the '80's, and his first impressions of the city.

Keywords: Hayride; Kevin Sweeney; Micheal Gibson; Todd McBrian

00:35:04 - Hayride's albums

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Partial Transcript: The bands I had no access to...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli compares living in Atlanta to living in Athens. Bielli and the narrator describe an event that typically took place on Monday nights in different venues around Athens. Bielli talks about the signing of Hayride after the release of the album Fuel.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Athens, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Fuel (album); Widespread Panic

00:42:17 - Signing with Capricorn

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Partial Transcript: We eventually signed...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli describes the events that led to the break-up of Hayride after touring. Bielli talks about some of the challenges that came with signing with the label company Capricorn, and his opinion of signing a band.

Keywords: Dave Barbie; Hayride; Matthew Sweeney; touring

00:50:21 - Touring in California

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Partial Transcript: But then, one time we went out...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli shares a story from an interaction with a rockabilly band in California. Bielli shares more stories from playing in El Paso and San Francisco. Bielli and the interviewer describe some of the difficulties of touring.

Keywords: California; Capricorn; rockabilly band

00:57:20 - Playing in other bands

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Partial Transcript: I remember we got a review...

Segment Synopsis: Bielli describes the reputation and reviews of Hayride in music magazines. Bielli lists some of the other bands he played in including Canadian Invasion, Beef Silence, and Night Seeker. Bielli talks about the musical talent of drummer Paul Trudeau.

Keywords: Beef Silence; Canadian Invasion; Maximum Rock-and-Roll; Night Seeker; Paul Trudeau; cover band