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Interview with Arthur Johnson, Interview 2, July 12, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:11 - Regional tours with the Bar-B-Q Killers

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Partial Transcript: We talked before, but somehow we didn't actually get a chance to talk as much about the Bar-B-Q Killers playing out of town.

Segment Synopsis: Johnson discusses performing at places outside of Athens, starting in Atlanta. He describes going on short tours with other bands including Mercyland and Porn Orchard. He details a memorable trip to Savannah with Vic Chesnutt which involved jail, a skate punk club, and illicit drugs. He also talks about going on the Athens, GA: Inside/Out tour and performing at the CMJ festival in New York.

Keywords: Davide Barbe; Eat America (band); New York City; Savannah, Georgia; accidents; acid; arrests; bands; concerts; hallucinations

00:11:30 - Bar-B-Q Killers' 1988 National Tour

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Partial Transcript: I think this is really all Laura and Drew figuring out we need to go on tour.

Segment Synopsis: Johnson describes going on a national tour with the Bar-B-Q Killers in the fall of 1988. He talks about meeting a band called Live Skull and informally joining their tour. Johnson discusses making longterm friendships with other musicians while touring. He explains how audiences were especially receptive to the Bar-B-Q Killers in Seattle, Chicago, and Nashville.

Keywords: Athens, GA: Inside/Out; Erie, Pennsylvania; God (band); Half Japanese (band); concerts; performances; travel

00:19:19 - Beginning the Bar-B-Q Killers

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Partial Transcript: I wanted to--if it's okay--go back to the beginnings of the band...

Segment Synopsis: Johnson describes how the Bar-B-Q Killers formed out of a group of friends beginning with him on drums, Laura Carter on vocals and guitar, and Claire Horne on bass. He explains how Claire later took over guitar and David Judd joined on bass. He talks about their first show and describes their songwriting process.

Keywords: Hollow Men (band); The University of Georgia; band members; musical education; musicians; students

00:28:06 - Women in bands

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Partial Transcript: So in the wave of bands that emerged really around the time that the Uptown started having music...

Segment Synopsis: Johnson talks about playing in a mixed gender band when many others were exclusively male. He discusses gender fluidity and sexuality in connection to Laura Carter and Claire Horne. He describes the different energy of bands with both female and male musicians, stating that he has only been in bands with women. He also talks about the Bar-B-Q Killer's song naming process.

Keywords: LGBTQ; audience; creativity; fans; song titles; women musicians

00:35:17 - Making the Bar-B-Q Killers' album

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Partial Transcript: I don't know if we wanted to talk about putting the album together?

Segment Synopsis: Johnson describes putting together the Bar-B-Q Killers' only record with Twilight Records. He talks about numerous recording sessions, and talks about the Bar-B-Q Killers' earlier release of a cassette tape. He describes individual songs, and talks about the album and label art.

Keywords: Athens, GA: Inside/Out; copyright; mixing music; photography; record company; record label; sound engineering