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Interview with Deonna Mann, July 11, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:21 - Coming to Athens

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Partial Transcript: When we first met when you...

Segment Synopsis: Deonna Mann talks about coming to Athens and her friendship with David and Amy Barbe. She comments on discovering that she was a great performer.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Conyers, GA; Turtle's Records

00:04:31 - The Garden/ The Sutton Murder

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Partial Transcript: I lived out on Newton...

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses her psychedelic garden and pathway, which was shut down after being wrongfully suspected for murder.

Keywords: Clinton Bankston; John Cougar Mellencamp; Uptown Lounge; Vic Chestnutt

00:15:10 - Social Life/ Artist Expression

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Partial Transcript: Well, we- as far as that...

Segment Synopsis: Mann talks about the people who lived in the area being active in artistry and expression.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Joel-Peter Witkin; Vic Chesnutt; film making; photography

00:20:12 - Getting Involved in Art

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Partial Transcript: I don't really remember...

Segment Synopsis: Mann shares when she started to perform shows and exhibitions at The Downstairs, such as the puppet show "Poison Gas." She discusses her interests and the influence of her childhood on her experience of art.

Keywords: Atlanta, GA; Fox Theater; Vic Chesnutt

00:25:04 - Childhood and Family

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Partial Transcript: I was born in Atlanta.

Segment Synopsis: Mann shares memories of her childhood and family history. She discusses the relationship with her family and moving around frequently with her father.

Keywords: Atlanta, GA; Conyers, GA

00:29:52 - Singing in Athens

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Partial Transcript: When did you start...

Segment Synopsis: Mann talks about her work and punk rock singing experience in Downtown Athens. She sang with Crack for two years before the band broke up and later sang for Jugg Rock.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Foreign Affairs; Peter Frey; Schlotzsky's; Sons of Italy

00:39:30 - Cover Modelling/ Churchy

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Partial Transcript: You remember you're on the...

Segment Synopsis: Mann comments on being on the back cover of Porn Orchard and Jack'O'Nuts records. She discusses performing puppet shows with Churchy and reenacting and filming her dream of her grandfather. She also shares her feelings of Medaglia D'oro Orchestra.

Keywords: Chris Cogan; Jim Stacy; The Grit

00:44:30 - Performing in France/ Puppet Shows

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Partial Transcript: Chris Cogan and I decided...

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses her time traveling and performing in France with friends. She details the process, content, and significance of her puppet shows. She talks about the effect of John Seawright's death on her.

Keywords: Chris Cogan; Marseille, France; Medaglia D'oro Orchestra; Montpellier, Hérault, France; Paris, France

00:51:55 - Dreaming/ Vic Chesnutt

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Partial Transcript: I don't know why I stopped...

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses a car wreck she was in and the changes in her dreams, which previously influenced her shows. She mentions Vic Chesnutt's involvement in her shows.

Keywords: Athens, GA; College Square; New Wave

00:57:25 - Memories of Laura Carter/ Athens Community

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Partial Transcript: Then there's Laura Carter.

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses meeting Laura Carter and working with David Barbe. She mentions film making and imagining scenes, as well as the convenience of living in a small town.

Keywords: Athens, GA; B-B-Q Killers; Butthole Surfers; David Byrne; Joel Peter Witkin; Mercyland

01:05:19 - Time in Florida

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Partial Transcript: I love that "Better than...

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses her time on tour in Florida, running into conflict and working as a nanny.

Keywords: Tampa, FL

01:10:21 - Time in New York

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Partial Transcript: In New York, I did...

Segment Synopsis: Mann recalls spending time in New York, taking a course with James Rosenquist, and having her art shown in the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. She details her exhibition with Beverly Babb.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Iggy Pop; Kid Congo Powers; Laura Carter; New York, NY; Nick Cave; Samhain; The Misfits

01:16:52 - Sharing Memories

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Partial Transcript: Back in the day...

Segment Synopsis: Mann shares memories of stage diving and experiences in rock and roll.

Keywords: Fatal Outlet; John Donnelly; John Waters; Widespread Panic

01:31:56 - Family

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Partial Transcript: Deonna, what else would...

Segment Synopsis: Mann discusses her family relations and their visit to New York for her exhibition.

Keywords: Galapagos