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Interview with Bryan Cook, July 10, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:16 - Coming to Athens

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Partial Transcript: I moved here in 1980...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about coming to Athens, Georgia to attend the University of Georgia. Cook says he intended to major in music before switching to be an education major, but ultimately dropped out due to financial constraints. Cook talks about the Athens musical festival, Sun Stock.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; R.E.M.; Sun Stock; University of Georgia (UGA)

00:07:42 - Joining Is Ought Gap

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Partial Transcript: I moved into Meyers Hall...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about becoming involved in the Athens music scene as a student attending the University of Georgia (UGA). Cook explains that he eventually joined a band called the Is Ought Gap. Cook describes his first performances with his band.

Keywords: Is Ought Gap; Meyers Hall; The Deragatories; Tom Cheek

00:14:56 - Is Ought Gap splits up

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Partial Transcript: Was it fun? Oh yah...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about some of his touring experience in Is Ought Gap. Cook talks about the making of the band's record, which occurred shortly before the band broke up. Cook explains that the band occasionally got together to perform, even after the split.

Keywords: Atlanta , Georgia; Time Toy

00:22:00 - Leaving Club Gaga / The start of Time Toy

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Partial Transcript: That was a whole lot of fun...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about how the band Is Ought Gap released a 24-Track record. Cook recalls how he eventually came to create the band Club Gaga before he left to work on the music project Time Toy.

Keywords: 24-Track; Club Gaga; Paul Hammond; Porn Orchard; Rockfish; Sons of Italy; Vic Varney

00:30:23 - Time Toy's performances

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Partial Transcript: No, I think it must have been...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about Time Toy's first show, and some of the other places the band performed. Cook explains that Time Toy primarily played at the 40-Watt and during civil rights festivals, and they occasionally toured the southeast. Cook describes the audience turnout of Time Toy, and how the band often performed under fake names.

Keywords: 40-Watt; Club Gaga; Is/Ought Gap; Jamie's Crying; Pylon; Time Toy

00:36:57 - Early days of Time Toy

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Partial Transcript: At that point in Athens...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about the early days of the band Time Toy. Cook recalls the filming of the Athens documentary Athens, Ga: Inside/Out. Cook talks about the importance of dancing in band performances.

Keywords: Athens, Ga: Inside/Out; Is Ought Gap; Paul Nelson; Time Toy

00:43:11 - Playing with Oh-OK

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk a little bit about...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about temporarily playing with a band called Oh-OK after the band's guitarist quit. Cook shares how he started a cover band with some of the members from Oh-OK.

Keywords: David Pierce; Lynda Stipe; Oh-OK; The Buzz of Delight

00:50:19 - Hindu Love Gods performances and singles

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Partial Transcript: So we had a show that night...

Segment Synopsis: Cook relates how he and the members of the Hindu Love Gods showed up for a show in a limousine. Cook talks about how he performed a single with the band Wheel of Cheese, and some of the cover songs they performed.

Keywords: 40-Watt; Andrew Slater; Dreams So Real; Love Tractor; R.E.M.; Rabbit Box; The Hindu Love Gods; Wheel of Cheese

00:58:36 - Better Than T.V. Tour

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, I forgot that Psychedelic...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about the Better Than T.V. Tour, which was a tour comprising of bands such as Hindu Love Gods, Time Toy, and the Bar-B-Q Killers. Cook talks about the planning and challenges that came with hosting the tour, which was held around the Southeast United States.

Keywords: Bar-B-Q Killers; Better Than T.V Tour; Hindu Love Gods; The Grit; Time Toy

01:06:08 - Better Than T.V. Tour (cont.)

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Partial Transcript: And we told the red and black...

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about an art show and performance held by the bands of the Better Than T.V. Tour after they accumulated debt following the tour. Cook talks about his most memorable experiences about the Better Than T.V. Tour.

Keywords: 40-Watt; Better than T.V. Tour; Micheal Stipe; Red and Black; The Grit

01:14:09 - Recording with Time Toy

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Partial Transcript: We went down and did that...

Segment Synopsis: Cook recalls some of the records that were made by the band Time Toy. Cook explains that the number of bands in Athens increased, until many of the members in the audience were performers themselves. Cook talks about an instance where the band, Bar-B-Q Killers, hosted a wedding.

Keywords: Bar-B-Q Killers; Don Chambers; Is Ought Gap; The Morton Theater; Time Toy; Ultra Good Friday; Vaudeville

01:21:13 - Laura Carter / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: But, you know, she was a cool person...

Segment Synopsis: Cook shares some of the stories he had of Laura Carter, his old roommate and one of the members of Bar-B-Q Killers. Cook relates that Carter loved to cook and often prepped meals for parties. Cook talks about one of the performances held by Bar-B-Q Killers, in which each of the members only had one string to perform on.

Keywords: 40-Watt; Bar-B-Q Killers; Laura Carter; Time Toy