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Interview with Bob Hay, May 4, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:24 - Coming to Athens / The start of the Squalls

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Partial Transcript: I think I arrived here in...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about how he came to live in Athens, Georgia. Hay recalls that he stopped playing in bands out of college, but continued to songwrite and play guitar. Hay explains that despite his disposition towards playing, he eventually became the guitarist in a band called the Squalls.

Keywords: "Big" Al Walsh; Ken Starratt; Mig Little; Rave on the Dead; Squalls

00:07:55 - Musical instruments / Traveling around the U.S

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Partial Transcript: My guitar, I still have it...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about his instruments and the closing of one of his favorite venues, The El Dorado. Hays explains that during the early 1980's, he traveled around the country to visit friends and go to concerts.

Keywords: Bolder Colorado; Teisco Apollo Guitar; The El Dorado; The Grateful Dead

00:14:21 - Returning to Athens

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Partial Transcript: This was in the summer of 1980...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talk about his time in Spokane, Washington in the 1980's, shortly after the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Hay explains that upon his eventual return to Georgia, he worked at the restaurant, the El Dorado. Hay shares some stories surrounding a murder that occurred in Athens and the writing of some of the songs for his band, Squalls.

Keywords: Mt. St. Helens; Spokane Washington; Squalls (band); The El Dorado

00:21:18 - Member turnover in The Squalls

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Partial Transcript: And we had...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about how some members of the Squalls were changed out upon his arrival to Athens. Hay explains that shortly after, The Squalls held their first performance at the 40 Watt Club. Hay describes the intentions of The Squalls as a dance band. Hay talks about the height of popularity of The Squalls. Hay talks about the end of The Squalls which occurred near 1986.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Grateful Dead; The Squalls

00:28:34 - The making of Athens, GA: Inside/Out

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk a little bit about...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about the making of the film Athens, GA: Inside/Out, and relates perfoming some of his songs for the making of the documentary. Hay discusses his decision and the process that went into the making of the Squall's EP.

Keywords: Athens, GA: Inside/Out; EP (Extended Play); Elephant Radio; Squalls; The Side Effects

00:35:21 - Released singles / Jefferson Holt

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Partial Transcript: Was that your first time recording...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about recording for the first time with the Squalls. Hay explains that another single was also created with contributions from a band called Little Tigers, which wasn't released. Hay recalls that the birth of his daughter led to his slow down in the Athens music scene. Hay shares some stories about the R.E.M. manager, Jefferson Holt.

Keywords: Jefferson Holt; Little Tigers; R.E.M.; Songbird Studios

00:42:01 - The end of Squall / Bands in Athens, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: So, why did it feel so much...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about the leaving of Squall member "Big Al" Wash, and how he believes it affected the band. Hay talks about some of the bands that were around Athens during the 1980's.

Keywords: "Big Al" Wash; 40-Watt Club; B-52's; Barbecue Killers; Love Tractor; Pylon; Vanessa Briscoe Hay

00:49:05 - Meeting Vanessa

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Partial Transcript: Wet met at a party at...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about meeting his wife Vanessa, who was the singer of the band, Pylon. Hay recalls some of his the most memorable shows he attended.

Keywords: Pylon; Squalls; Vanessa Briscoe Hay

00:56:06 - Playing in New York

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Partial Transcript: So can you talk about...

Segment Synopsis: Hay shares some stories about performing in New York with the Squalls. Hay describes the New York audience and recalls that the band's largest turnout was usually received at college towns. Hay explains how the Athens music scene has gotten cluttered over time.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; New York City; Peppermint Lounge; The 40-Watt Club; The Last Resort; the Squalls

01:03:33 - Changes in Athens, Georgia / The Jolly Beggars

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Partial Transcript: And so for a particular band...

Segment Synopsis: Hay explains how the rise of bands in Athens has made it difficult for other bands to get recognition. Hay talks about how having kids effected his involvement in the Athens music scene during the late 1990's. Hay talks about some of the other bands he played with, including The Jolly Beggars.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; Mark Klein; Peter Klein; Roger Dodd; The Jolly Beggars; bands

01:10:30 - Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Then we're playing...

Segment Synopsis: Hay talks about some of the bands he has played with over the years. Hay describes Nuçi's Space as an area meant to help those with mental issues through music. Hay talks about how his music has changed throughout the years, and some of the money he has gotten from his songs over the years.

Keywords: Kinkos; Na Na Na Na; Nuçi's Space; Squalls