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Interview with Julie House, May 3, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:20 - Coming to Athens

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Partial Transcript: I thought about what I...

Segment Synopsis: House describes her negative experience at Auburn University. House explains her decision to attend the University of Georgia as the culture proved to be a better fit for her. House shares how she became involved in the Athens music culture by going to the 40-Watt Club.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Auburn University; B-52's; University of Georgia

00:07:19 - Getting involved with the music scene

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Partial Transcript: It was like watching some crazy...

Segment Synopsis: House shares her first impression of Jimmy Ellison and her experiences with musicians in the Athens community. House talks about meeting Michael Stipe and details her later involvements within the Athens music scene.

Keywords: B-52's; Jimmy Ellison; Michael Stipe; R.E.M.; The Side Effects

00:13:59 - R.E.M. concerts

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Partial Transcript: Can you describe any...

Segment Synopsis: House shares stories about parties that she went to around Athens. House describes the R.E.M. concerts she attended during the 1990's.

Keywords: Michael Stipe; Peter Buck; R.E.M.

00:21:35 - R.E.M concerts (cont.) / Thrift shopping around Athens

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Partial Transcript: They were always kind of the...

Segment Synopsis: House explains how the rise in popularity of R.E.M. changed the fan base community. House talks about the importance and origination of Athens thrift store fashion.

Keywords: Pylon; R.E.M.; The Potter's House; The Side Effects

00:28:03 - Fashion in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Everyone had kind of an...

Segment Synopsis: House details the style that was popular in Athens in the 1980's. House explains her opinion of the changes to R.E.M. as the band rose in popularity.

Keywords: Atlanta, Georgia; clothing; fashion

00:36:03 - Changes in Athens

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned that there was...

Segment Synopsis: House talks about the years after her perceived change to the Athens music scene. House describes her return to Athens in the mid 1980's where she met the guitarist for Flat Duo Jets.

Keywords: Flat Duo Jets; R.E.M.; The Night Gallery; University of Georgia

00:42:47 - Flat Duo Jets, Oh-Ok, and Limbo District

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Partial Transcript: There was that same kind...

Segment Synopsis: House shares her opinion of the band, The Flat Duo Jets, which was perceived as not originating from Athens. House describes her favorite aspects of the bands Oh-Ok and Limbo District.

Keywords: Dominique Amet; Flat Duo Jets; Limbo District; Linda Hopper; Lynda Stipe; Marguerita Bilbao; Oh-Ok

00:50:32 - Interactions with Jerry Ayers

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Partial Transcript: But each person, Individually, was...

Segment Synopsis: House describes the uniqueness and popularity of the band, Limbo District. House shares some of her interactions with Jerry Ayers, a member of Limbo District. House talks about the position of the Athens music community to people of differing sexual orientations.

Keywords: Jerry Ayers; Limbo District; Michael Stipe

00:58:22 - Discussions around sexuality / Shifts in Athens

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Partial Transcript: There was never...

Segment Synopsis: House describes the lack of discussion surrounding sexuality in Athens. House details the events that sponsored what she claims was the shift of the Athens music scene. House attributes the shift to the emergence of records and the move of the 40-Watt Club to a different location.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; R.E.M.; sexuality

01:04:55 - Athens Inside Out / The Method Actors

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Partial Transcript: They filmed it, am I right...

Segment Synopsis: House gives her opinions on the bands and aspects of the community that were missed in the movie Athens,GA: Inside/Out. House describes the experimental tone of the band duo, The Method Actors. House shares the reasons and prevalent cliquish atmosphere that was present in Athens during the 1980's.

Keywords: Athens,GA: Inside/Out; The Methods Actors; Vic Varney

01:12:31 - Athens culture / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: We got a lot of negative...

Segment Synopsis: House describes how the Rewind party, an event held in remembrance of the Athens music culture, was perceived negatively by certain member of the Athens community. House shares her perception on the defensive nature among people who currently live in Athens concerning the topics of the 1980's music scene.

Keywords: Rewind; music community