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Interview with Barry Marler, May 2, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:27 - Coming to Athens / Joining Bands

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Partial Transcript: Well, I moved to Athens...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about his first impressions of the Athens music scene as he arrived from South Carolina in 1983. Marler explains how he joined the band, The Buzz of Delight, with Matthew Sweet and David Pierce. Marler shares how he joined the band Dreams So Real.

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Clemson, South Carolina; David Pierce; Limbo District; Matthew Sweet; Pylon; The Buzz of Delight; The Grill

00:07:42 - Playing in Buzz of Delight

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Partial Transcript: A thing that's different about us...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about his first performances with Dreams So Real, and some of the judgment the band members faced from other bands. Marler also lists the practice locations of the band.

Keywords: Limbo District; Oh-Ok; The Buzz of Delight

00:14:19 - Practicing at the Morton Theater

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Partial Transcript: The B-52's had practiced...

Segment Synopsis: Marler describes practicing with Dreams So Real at the Morton Theater, an historically Black theater. Marler talks about his early days of performing in Athens with Dreams So Real.

Keywords: B-52's; Drew Worsham; Morton Theater; Trent Allen

00:21:20 - Memorable performances and fans

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Partial Transcript: The fact that Terry...

Segment Synopsis: Marler recalls the work that the manager of Dreams So Real contributed to the band's fame. Marler describes some memories of the band's fans.

Keywords: B-52's; Peter Buck; recording

00:28:27 - Singles, Albums, and Recording

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Partial Transcript: So we went down to...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about the first demo that Dreams So Real released, and describes touring to promote the single. Marler then talks about the first album that Dreams So Real recorded and the challenges that came with it.

Keywords: John Keen; Peter Buck; Steve Fallon

00:35:23 - Albums, touring and recording (continued)

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Partial Transcript: So 1985, Everywhere Girl and Whirl...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about the fame that Dreams So Real's tour bought to the band. Marler shares how they eventually signed and later performed in New York.

Keywords: Everywhere Girl; Father's House; Omissions; Rough Night in Jericho

00:42:00 - Performing in New York

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Partial Transcript: The last showcase we did...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about getting signed in 1986, and the impact that Marcy Drexler had on Dreams So Real's future. Marler describes the band's first performance in New York City and his impressions of the club, The Peppermint Lounge.

Keywords: Marcy Drexler; New York; The Peppermint Lounge

00:51:18 - Going back to Athens

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Partial Transcript: We just had no shame, either...

Segment Synopsis: Marler describes the changes in the Athens crowd base after they achieved fame around the country. Marler explains the Athens scene's aversion to the mainstream music of Dreams So Real and the band's wish for fame.

Keywords: New York; Oh-Ok; alternative music

00:59:45 - Recollections / Son's music career

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Partial Transcript: When I look back at my...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about how overt ambition in a band was perceived negatively by the public in Athens. Marler describes his belief that Athens does not solely contribute to a band's success. Marler talks about his son's music on Spotify.

Keywords: Dreams So Real; Loch Marler; Widespread Panic; ambition

01:07:02 - Family / Recording

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Partial Transcript: He has been so focused on all that...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about his son's lack of attention towards his education as a result of his focus on music. Marler describes his other son who he claims is more focused on engineering. Marler shares stories about the process of getting a producer and recording for Dreams So Real.

Keywords: Bill Drescher; electronic music

01:14:42 - Recording Rough Night in Jericho

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Partial Transcript: But that was a good month...

Segment Synopsis: Marler describes the process of recording Rough Night in Jericho with producer Bill Drescher and his love of the recording process. Marler talks about the record's fame and the band's subsequent fall due to the slow release of a second record.

Keywords: Bill Drescher; Rough Night in Jericho; recording

01:21:47 - Dreams So Real's second record

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Partial Transcript: You still have to release...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about touring for Rough Night in Jericho, and the band's acquisition of a new producer. Marler explains that the Dreams So Real's second record was not as successful as their first, eventually leading to the band's dismemberment.

Keywords: Ardent Studio's; Jim Herbert; Rough Night in Jericho; University of Georgia (UGA)

01:29:05 - Attending UGA / Favorite Athens's bands

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Partial Transcript: How was it to be back in...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about coming back to Athens and explains his decision to attend the University of Georgia. Marler compares performing in Dreams So Real to his recent band, and notes that the quality of his songs has risen. Marler talks about how difficult it is now for Athens musicians to achieve fame.

Keywords: Kilkenny Cats; Method Actors; R.E.M; University of Georgia (UGA)

01:36:04 - Recording with Athens, GA: Inside/Out

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Partial Transcript: I guess, maybe I fibbed...

Segment Synopsis: Marler talks about recording for Athens, GA: Inside/Out with Dreams So Real. Marler explains some of the challenges the band had with the public opinion of Athens.

Keywords: Athens, GA: Inside/Out; Tony Gayton