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Interview with Alan Flurry, April 15, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:11 - Picking up the drums

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Partial Transcript: So, let's see, long have you been...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry describes the process of learning how to play the drums and why he took up the instrument. Flurry shares why he left school with only a year left and moved away. He discusses buying his first drum set, coming back to Athens, and his interactions with local musicians.

Keywords: Dave Schools; Gravity Creeks; Savannah; White Buffalo; Widespread Panic; drumming; law firms

00:07:28 - Playing in Mr. Right Now / Formation of SNAIL

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Partial Transcript: Some time in the midst of that time...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry shares stories from when he played with Michelle McClure and others in the band Mr. Right Now. Flurry and the interviewer discuss the impact that the band R.E.M. had on gathering crowds in Athens. Flurry describes the formation of the band SNAIL.

Keywords: Cat Butt Jr. (band); Dark Horse Tavern; Kevin Sweeney; Michelle McClure

00:14:38 - First recordings with SNAIL

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, I remember you were talking about Dave doing the...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about his recollections of artist Dave Schools. Flurry talks about recording with his band SNAIL and some of the difficulties that come with recording. Flurry and the interviewer discuss the aspects of preparing for a recording session.

Keywords: Doug Stanley; Kelly Noonan; Michelle McClur; The Uptown; recording; rehearsal

00:22:52 - Recording (cont.) / Songwriting process

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Partial Transcript: Just Doug we had a lot of kooky...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry describes music producer Doug Stanley's home setup for music recording. Flurry and the interviewer talk more about recording and songwriting. Flurry shares how he broke up the band SNAIL after he decided to move to New England.

Keywords: David Schools; Michelle McClur; Porn Orchard

00:31:07 - The writing process

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Partial Transcript: I didn't know if I could write a book at all...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about the premise for his very first novel idea. He discusses moving to Massachusetts and his meeting with a novelist who inspired him to first write about his life, resulting in his first finished book, a semi-autobiographical novel titled Penumbra. Flurry then talks about his move to France where he started his original novel idea, Sea of Favors. He also discusses his writing process and his need for solitude and routine.

Keywords: writer's block

00:41:28 - Coming back to Athens

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Partial Transcript: So we leave, and we're always going to come back...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry remembers his move back to Athens and returning to the music scene. He discusses house hunting in Athens and how he found the house he lives in. He recalls continuing writing while keeping other jobs before going on a writing retreat.

Keywords: Jim Kweskin; John Lester; SNAIL; drumming

00:47:19 - Interactions with Jim Kweskin and family

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Partial Transcript: This is out in Kansas...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about the origin of Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band and his experience playing with Kweskin's family in Boston. Flurry describes the work of Kweskin and shares his positive interactions with family. He talks about his leaving of the band SNAIL due to his commitment to other bands.

Keywords: Maria Muldaur; Thomas Hart Benton

00:52:51 - Moving back to Europe

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Partial Transcript: You can't let what you do become your identity...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry explains a life lesson he learned from a former bandmate and his decision to focus on writing. He talks about living in France and moving to Paris for his daughter. Flurry further elaborates why he had to kill SNAIL. He also discusses continuing to play music.

Keywords: Andy Cherewick; France; Paris

01:00:04 - Friends and connections in Athens

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Partial Transcript: An you know this as well as anyone...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about his method to continuing to play music and the impact friend and artist John Seawright had on his writing. Flurry explains how he, Coleman Barks, and others became friends and his experience opening for a record release party.

Keywords: Dave Marr; Dave Moore; Don Chambers and GOAT; Donny Chambers; Flagpole; Futurebirds; John Seawright; Kevin Kinney; Star Room Boys

01:09:17 - Forming an unofficial band

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Partial Transcript: We had a great time...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry describes playing with Brandon Reynolds, Don Chambers and others, along with the difficulties that come with being in a band. Flurry explains how Bo Bedingfield became a part of their not-yet-named band and shares an audio recording of the band.

Keywords: Bo Bedingfield; Brandon Reynolds; David Moore; Don Chambers; Globe Studios; The Star Room Boys

01:17:11 - Appreciation for his bandmates

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, you know, over time...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry discusses how his band put out multiple songs within a year after their songwriter came out of his writing hiatus. Flurry then shows appreciation for the serendipitous nature of the formation of his friend group and band. He also discusses meeting and spending time with Jonathan Byrd and the irony of music in Nashville.

Keywords: Bo Bedingfield; Dave Moore; Little Kings; Tennessee

01:24:04 - The art of performing

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Partial Transcript: Back out on the road, long weekends...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about his band's planned tour and his wish that they will continue to perfect their live performances. Flurry explains his position on the relationship between performers and audience.

Keywords: 40-Watt; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Don Chambers; The Drive-By Truckers; Tuscaloosa, Alabama

01:30:37 - Writing ambitions

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Partial Transcript: Well, what's the ambition of the books.. .

Segment Synopsis: Flurry describes his goals for writing and shares some of the difficulties he has had with publishing. He shares the premise behind his most recent novel idea and his plans for his unpublished works.

Keywords: autobiography; marketing

01:37:01 - Traveling around the world

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Partial Transcript: Paris is the most beautiful city...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry talks about his travels and the way other cultures impacted his family's dynamic. He shares stories from Greece and explains how his childrens' exposure to different cultures has built empathy and independence. He describes his childrens' interests and talents.

Keywords: Great Gatsby; Greece; independence

01:44:31 - Raising kids

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Partial Transcript: It's sort of my job, my responsibility...

Segment Synopsis: Flurry explains his tendency to expose his children only to his favorite genres of music. He shares that their upbringing around artists and musicians has also impacted their skill. Flurry talks about his show, Unscripted.

Keywords: Ellis Flurry; Unscripted; children; music