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Interview with Jason Griffin, March 27, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:23 - Playing the drums

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Partial Transcript: How long have you been playing drums?

Segment Synopsis: Griffin recalls his introduction to the drums and talks about joining his first band in high school, Straight Youth. He lists some of the covers his band performed. Griffin also describes having to quit skateboarding at thirty-five after breaking his ankle at a show.

Keywords: California Über Alles; The Bradley Teen Show; Thrasher Magazine

00:08:54 - High school performances

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Partial Transcript: Anyway, so we made it back...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin shares how he began to play for the band 9 Shocks Terror as the drummer. Griffin recalls that his high school band performed primarily house parties, and opened for bands such as Five-Eight and The Woggles. Griffin describes how his bands were accepted by the Columbus, Georgia community.

Keywords: Columbus, Georgia; East Orange (bands); MTV; Spawn (band); The Grit; The Human Experience Theater; Tres Kids

00:15:37 - Music interests during teenage years

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Partial Transcript: You know, when I was in 8th grade...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin describes his musical interests as a kid growing up during the 1980's. He recalls how his father would buy him albums against his mother's wishes and shares that his father gave him exceeded liberties in order to gain the favor of his son in lieu of his parents' divorce.

Keywords: Axis Club; Circle Jerks; Crucifix(band); Dead Kennedys; Final Conflict; Nite Flights; Uniform Choice

00:22:10 - Tres Kids formation and records

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Partial Transcript: And then I think, right after that...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin describes playing in the band Tres Kids after he and his friends moved from Columbus to Athens to attend the University of Georgia. Griffin talks about the first few performances held by Tres Kids. Griffin explains that he currently plays in a new band called Apparition.

Keywords: Columbus State University; Hickey (band); John Doheny; WUOG (90.5)

00:28:27 - Touring with Tres Kids

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Partial Transcript: Did you- when you guys first started touring...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin describes the process of booking tours through the Maximum Rocknroll magazine. He shares stories about the places Tres Kids toured. Griffin describes the importance of networking and mentions how he managed to get an opportunity to tour through Europe with Tres Kids.

Keywords: Axel Wiegmann; Don Chambers; Goat Shanty; Tres Kids; touring

00:36:19 - Playing house shows

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Partial Transcript: So yeah, it's just this connection of people...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin describes some of the difficulties that comes with opening for touring bands. He recalls the reason he stopped playing house shows after receiving a noise complaint.

Keywords: Flickr; Go Bar; Little Kings; house shows; noise complaints; touring

00:42:48 - Singing and performing with Tres Kids

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Partial Transcript: Why'd you decide to sing in a band again...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin shares his decision to transition from drumming to singing with Tres Kids. He then describes a memorable show played in Kentucky. Griffin talks about his best and worst experiences with landlords during the days of house shows.

Keywords: The Raging Nathans; The Weirdos; Toys that Kill; Tres Kids; singing; tour

00:50:13 - Concert venues

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Partial Transcript: I had, I was in school in UGA...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin describes some of the substandard housing he lived at while attending the University of Georgia. Griffin talks about the Tight Pockets and FDR clubs, where he worked to book many bands from around the world.

Keywords: Axel Wiegmann; FDR (club); John Andrews; Nana Grizzle; Tight Pockets (club); University of Georgia (UGA)

00:57:55 - Playing with Apparition

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Partial Transcript: You want to talk a little bit...

Segment Synopsis: Griffin talks about the difficulties of playing in Athens with the declining hardcore-punk rock scene. He explains his transition from the band Harsh Words to Apparition and lists the members of both bands. He explains his current work with Apparition as the band's drummer.

Keywords: Apparition (band); Brandon Page; Harsh Words (band); Oliver Vitale; Reeth Dasgupta; Tom Needham