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Interview with Robin Edwards, July 27, 2017

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:17 - Growing up / First musical instruments

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Partial Transcript: So tell me a little bit about where you grew up...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards recalls her father's love of jazz growing up and the time she spent with him listening to music. She lists her favorite jazz musicians and shares how her father owned record stores which exposed her to many famous singers of the day. Edwards talk about her experience playing the piano as a child before her eventual transition to the guitar in the seventh grade.

Keywords: Herb Alpert; Miles Davis; jazz; music

00:07:16 - Playing guitar (high school through college)

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Partial Transcript: My brother also played...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards talks about her brother playing the guitar and her early experiences playing in a small band. She discusses her experience singing in college and some of the troubles she faced singing. Edwards lists the bands she played with.

Keywords: Arms Akimbo; Vanessa Vego; Velena Vego; band; guitar

00:15:03 - First recorded single / Moving to Athens

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Partial Transcript: And when our first single...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards talks about one of the first recordings with the band Mystery Date, which comprised of musicians Vanessa Vego, Velena Vego, and Edwards. She talks about moving to Athens in the early 1980s and shares that the city was significantly less developed, lacking sidewalks and cable television. Edwards describes the animosity in the performance arts between the city of Atlanta and Athens.

Keywords: Athens, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; David T. Lindsey; Johnny Hibbert; recording

00:22:20 - Performing in Atlanta / Touring with Mystery Date

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Partial Transcript: To tell you the truth, it actually...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards talks about one of Mystery Date's first performances. She compares the business-like atmosphere of the Atlanta audience to that of Athens' during the early 1980s. She lists some of the other bands she played with, and her eventual switch from guitar to the bass. Edwards recalls the high points of touring with Mystery Date.

Keywords: 688 Club; Art in the Dark; Club Gaga; Limbo; Mystery Date; Nashville, Tennessee; The Last Resort Grill

00:30:17 - Touring / The end of Mystery Date

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Partial Transcript: So you guys did a fair amount...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards shares some stories from touring with Mystery Date and the dynamics between the group members. She explains how plans were made while on the road. Edwards talks about the end of Mystery Date in 1987 after six years. Edwards shares some of her regrets over not keeping up with music right after leaving Mystery Date .

Keywords: 40-Watt Club; Liquid Beat; Mystery Date; raod trips

00:37:19 - Playing in Liquid Beat

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Partial Transcript: Sometimes certain music, certain collaborations...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards talks about her time playing in the band Liquid Beat before she joined Flash to Bang Time as a bassist and celloist. Edwards describes some of her work at her father's record store which sold jazz, blues and R&B records. She recalls some of her memories of watching shows that came through Jacksonville, Florida.

Keywords: Flash to Bang Time; Liquid Beat; R&B; The Beach Boys; The Pretenders; blues; jazz; touring

00:46:56 - Music Videos (1990's) / Playing at nursing homes

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Partial Transcript: Do you want to talk a little bit about...

Segment Synopsis: Edwards describes some of the music videos she starred in during the early 1990s. She talks about playing the bass and guitar at nursing homes in Athens.

Keywords: B-52's DeadBeat Club (music video); Jacksonville Florida; Morton Theater; R.E.M; The Singing Folks; bass; guitar; nursing homes; singing