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Interview with Andrew Rieger, June 8, 2016

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:19 - Early music influences

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Partial Transcript: Where'd you grow up?

Segment Synopsis: Reiger describes his hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina, and talks about the grunge and punk rock bands he formed in the late '80s and early '90s.

Keywords: Greenwood; Grub Worm; Incandescence Luminescence; SC; Silent Minority; South Carolina; childhood; covers; early life; family; high school; punk

00:06:10 - Being in Athens bands

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Partial Transcript: So you ended up here in 1990, going to school.

Segment Synopsis: Rieger describes his first year in Athens as a student, being in a band called Spawn, and later forming a new band called Elf Power. He describes his preference for home-recording versus studio recording, in terms of the sound quality. Rieger talks about collaborating with the Elephant 6 Collective to record Elf Power songs.

Keywords: 8 tracks; DIY; Elephant 6 Recording Company; audio production; home-recording; studio recording

00:15:14 - List of shows attended

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Partial Transcript: You want to talk a little bit about your book?

Segment Synopsis: Since the late 1980s, Rieger has been compiling a list of shows he has attended. He talks about how the list serves as a historical reference for other musicians.

Keywords: memory; reference list

00:18:57 - Orange Twin label

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Partial Transcript: The first Elf Power stuff that you put out you did by yourself.

Segment Synopsis: Rieger talks about the makeup of Elf Power over the years, including long-term member, Laura Carter. He talks about recording one album under the direction of Flaming Lips producer, Dave Fridmann, and self-recording other albums under his own label, Orange Twin. He also talks about the definition of success, and what motivates him to keep Elf Power going.

Keywords: Laura Carter; self-release; success

00:29:55 - Collaborating with Vic Chesnutt

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Partial Transcript: When did you start playing with Vic?

Segment Synopsis: Rieger talks about Elf Power's collaboration with Athens musician Vic Chesnutt and discusses the challenges and rewards of touring.

Keywords: Dark Developments; songwriting; touring; vocal overdubs

00:37:11 - UGA Music Business School partnership

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Partial Transcript: Has it been a little harder doing a recording company over the past six or seven years?

Segment Synopsis: Rieger talks about the salience of his Orange Twin record label over time and mentions how interns from the UGA Music Business Program help the label's operations. He also talks about teaching classes through the Music Business Program.

Keywords: David Barbe; internship; music business; teaching

00:40:57 - Changing music distribution models

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Partial Transcript: It's strange how, coming from our generation...the first music I inherited was from 8-tracks.

Segment Synopsis: Rieger comments on how music distribution has changed over time, as technology has affected exposure and access to music.

Keywords: 8-track; digital era; distribution model; environmentalism; mail order; streaming service

00:47:29 - Memorable shows

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any stories of any gigs you saw in there that spring to mind?

Segment Synopsis: Rieger recalls a GWAR show that was broken up by police and led to a class-action lawsuit, as well as a My Bloody Valentine show that impressed him.

Keywords: 40 Watt; GWAR/ACLU vs. Athens-Clarke County; band; court case; performance