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Interview with Larry Gresham, Jr. (LG), May 11, 2016

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:31 - Early musical influences

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Partial Transcript: Are you originally from Athens?

Segment Synopsis: Gresham discusses his various musical influences, including his father's music, his best friend's father who was a DJ, and singing in the church choir.

Keywords: DJ Lo Down; childhood; choir; church; family; father

00:05:46 - Beginning to rap

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Partial Transcript: So what year did you get involved in rapping?

Segment Synopsis: Gresham recalls starting to write his own raps around 1996, and recording his first song "Money Don't Grow on Trees" in his friend's home studio.

Keywords: high school; recording; songwriting

00:10:03 - Athens hip hop scene early 2000s

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Partial Transcript: And what was going on in Classic City around that time?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the influence of early groups like Lo' Down and Duddy, and Big Earl and the Twin Boys, in representing hip hop in Athens, especially with the Lo' Down and Duddy album, Between the Hedges.

Keywords: Big Earl and the Twin Boys; album release; group formation; hip hop scene

00:13:55 - Joining a group

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Partial Transcript: What went on between, you know, the early 2000s, going into--

Segment Synopsis: Gresham talks about meeting a friend from church who was in a music group, and how he worked hard to join their group.

Keywords: artist development; church; club; group dynamics

00:17:27 - Collaborating with Blacknerdninja

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Partial Transcript: How did you meet up with--how did you and Blacknerdninja collaborate?

Segment Synopsis: Gresham talks about how he knew Eugene Willis, Jr. (Blacknerdninja) through mutual friends and attending the same school. He recalls how they they began performing together.

Keywords: connections; music collaboration; networking

00:20:13 - Growth of hip hop in Athens

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Partial Transcript: You've seen Athens go through different phases with the music scene.

Segment Synopsis: Gresham discusses the close-knit community of artists that existed in Athens in the early 2000s and mentions how Tasty World was the first downtown venue that was receptive to hip hop. He talks about waning collaboration between artists over time, his and other artists' effort at increasing music collaboration, and the impact of the Athens Hip Hop Awards on the hip hop scene.

Keywords: Athens Hip Hop Awards; Tasty World; awareness; camaraderie; collaboration; platform; recognition

00:29:48 - Social media / Involvement beyond music

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Partial Transcript: Where can people find you if they want to look up Larry Gresham?

Segment Synopsis: Gresham mentions the social media outlets he uses, and talks about being involved in his church choir and coaching high school basketball.

Keywords: mentoring; personal life