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Interview with Troy Aubrey, November 4, 2015

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:15 - Early involvement with the Athens music scene

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Partial Transcript: So, Mr. Aubrey, where were you born?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey discusses his family’s move to Marietta, Georgia when he was a child. He talks about his early love for UGA and his subsequent enrollment. He also shares about his first experiences with music business, including booking and playing in bands during high school.

Keywords: Black Crowes; Mr. Crowe’s Garden; R. E. M.; R.E.M.; REM; Roswell Mill; University of GA; University of Georgia; Widespread Panic; alternative rock; band booking; band management; music business

00:05:44 - College years in Athens

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Partial Transcript: So, got up here—just, knew I wanted to be close to the music scene

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey describes his years as a student at the University of Georgia. He discusses taking over his brother's booking agency and getting involved in the Athens music community. Later, he talks about his experience managing Dayroom.

Keywords: Athens music scene; Dayroom; Georgia Booking Associates; UGA; University of GA; University of Georgia; band management; bands; booking agent; mix tapes; quarter system

00:09:59 - Involvement with AthFest

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Partial Transcript: AthFest started up in 1998 or ’97.

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey describes his involvement with AthFest as stage manager and then booking agent. He also discusses how his role evolved as AthFest grew.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; Athens music festival; Athens music scene; Athens-Clarke County; concert booking; music festival booking

00:15:41 - AthFest issues and successes

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Partial Transcript: Through the years, what have you encountered as some of your biggest issues or triumphs

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey discusses issues AthFest faced throughout the years, including weather and location. He also talks about the experience of seeing now-famous artists perform before their success. Later, he describes his formula for booking diverse AthFest bands.

Keywords: Athens Federal Courthouse; Athens Music Factory; Athens music scene; Drive-By Truckers; Guadalcanal Diary; Hilton Garden Inn; Jennifer Nettles Band; John Mayer; Pylon; alternative rock; concert booking; music festival booking; rain

00:25:19 - Changes in Athens music scene

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Partial Transcript: Well, outside of AthFest, even though they're closely related, how have you seen the music scene in Athens change since your time here?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey describes the changes he’s observed in the Athens music scene. He focuses on the increasing number of genres present in Athens and how he would like to incorporate these genres into future AthFest lineups.

Keywords: Latin music; Wired Festival; hip hop culture; music festival booking

00:30:15 - AthFest booking process

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Partial Transcript: Could you explain the process of booking bands for AthFest or for coming to play?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey discusses the different methods of booking bands for AthFest. He analyzes the various mediums available to bands. He also shares about his relationships with the rest of the AthFest leadership,describing his interpersonal role within the organization.

Keywords: Sonicbids; UGA; UGA game day; University of GA; University of Georgia; downtown Athens; music festival booking

00:38:50 - Jill Helm / Organization of AthFest leadership

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Partial Transcript: Has changing leadership affected the process of organizing

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey discusses the addition of Jill Helm to the AthFest Board of Directors and the influence of her nonprofit background. He also shares about the role of AthFest Educates on the Athens community. Later, he talks about the organization of the board and the effects of new leadership.

Keywords: Athens music scene; Athens-Clarke County; Athfest Educates; Athhalf half marathon; Jared Bailey; Jill Helm; music education; nonprofit funding

00:44:26 - AthFest Educates

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Partial Transcript: Do you think the transition to being kind of encompassed by AthFest Educates has changed the tone or the mood of the festival?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey talks about the development of AthFest Educates as a nonprofit organization and music festival. He also discusses the importance of raising public awareness of the nonprofit aspect of AthFest.

Keywords: AthHalf half marathon; Athens-Clarke County; music education; nonprofit leadership; nonprofit management; showcasing

00:48:16 - Athens alcohol laws / Relationship between role in the Foundry and AthFest

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Partial Transcript: Have you had -- maybe not you in particular, but do you know of any run-ins or conflicts that the organization has had with the city?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey describes issues that AthFest encountered due to Athens alcohol ordinances. He talks about the relationship between alcohol sales at nonprofit events and the local economy. Later, Aubrey talks about the interconnection of his position both at the Foundry and within AthFest. He shares the pros and cons of being involved with both organizations.

Keywords: AOC Twilight; Alcohol ordinances; Athens Twilight; Athens music venues; Terrapin Beer Co; beer gardens; booking service; nonprofit management

00:55:00 - The future of AthFest

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Partial Transcript: Do you have a specific direction that you see AthFest going in the future or do you have any goals on how to improve the already good festival?

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey expresses his goals for AthFest for the future, focusing on quality, sponsorship, and benefits for attendees and the community.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; KidsFest; Orange Amps; Show Mobile; nonprofit fundraising; nonprofit revenue

01:01:56 - Diversifying AthFest music

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned earlier bringing in a hip hop aspect, you know, because its gradually becoming more important, really to the american music scene

Segment Synopsis: Aubrey discusses his desire to incorporate a more diverse range of music and Athens communities into AthFest.

Keywords: Americana; AthFest Educates; Athens Hispanic community; Athens Latin Party; Athens music scene; arc; student music scene